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  1. I'm not bragging but I can take a dried out immature dead or alive male and make almost 60% pure thc in under an hour in a kitchen with Cold water and ICE extraction method 3-5x more potent than most any bud pictured on here...those trips to Amsterdam or wherever ain't worth the trouble if ya bubble. I've tried samples with veteran greenthumbs and they are literally falling down like a sack of potatoes after a few hits and all agree that it was the best smoke thay ever had. Nothing in any dutch coffee shop menu compares to this....the water cleans out many toxins leaving ya with really clean energetic sativa buzz even with an Indica!!!...not many cbn's left with this method...healtly almost smokeless hit that doesn't make you tired or sleepy. Unreal.....stuff i used to throw away is like gold now...the more dry and swaggy the better..even yellow bottom leaves that fell off a month ago...the water method leaves ya with fine white-greenish ccrystal like trichome powder...The colder the better...most thc settles to bottom of any container in a fridge on high ..almost freezing 4c. temp after blending 1-1-1 DRY MJ/ICE/COLD WATER and filtering in gold "permanent" coffee filter a few times and let stand in fridge fpr 1/2 hour to 40 minutes....slowly take it out and siphon with turkey baster CAREFULLY until you get to the "cloudy" stuff on the bottom...strain the cloudy stuff thru a regular coffeee filet
  2. use as many bigger strainers as possible then use the gold filter and put a regular filter in the gold filter I bought at Kmart $5 and strain again...2 hours to 2 days let strain ..lift up coffee filter and scrap trichomes off and dry on cardboard or on plate...enjoy. Keep the greenish run-off in a 2-liter emmpty soda bottle refrigerate again repeat method for second batch...Note gold filter is 90 microns and with regular cotton filter in it more tight...you should masch it with hands to get all juices out and same mash and green liquid for another batch..I usually use a spoon to scrap off trichomes from last filtering (coffee filter) I also use martha stewart brandstrainers at Kmart in comination with other stainless steel strainers that have more mesh all the way downwhere its hard to funnel through and I have to mash...but never mash thru the final filter..be patient and let it drip dry and scrap...somewhat like bubble method but not using nylon mesh...Note: Blend 1/3 plant matter - 1/3 ICE - 1/3 cold water in blender on high for one minute and 30 seconds ...too little blending or too much wrecks it so start over...dump in spagetti (kitchen strainer) first..other strainers and then the gold filter and then the gold filter with regular coffee filter in it....Note2: after blending everything strain until you strain thru gold filter then refridgerate green frothy for 30-40 minutes tops....finally filter using cotton filter
  3. how big a dose of this "pure THC" does it take to get high?
  4. how do you know it was 60% THC......i allways thought it could only be measured in a lab?.......Peace out.......Sid
  5. It would not take "a couple of hits" to get you high if it was really 60% THC as you claim. Not to be negative, i'm just being realistic.

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