Whoa, the General Forum's been basically dead the past few days....

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, May 23, 2010.

  1. What the hell is everyone doing? :p
  2. getting high
  3. Has it? I think Pandora's Box has been the dead forum now :laughing:

  4. Aw I get, I get it. lol ;)
  5. this.

  6. That, studying for fucking finals, preparing for massive worldwide mayhem, and baking blueberry muffins.

    How the fuck are you?:wave:
  7. I am slowly disintegrating.
  8. having a life.:p:p
  9. Was outta town. Im the life of this section (not really)
  10. pills

    lots of pills
  11. Not funny :(
  12. Aw I know, I'm heartbroken too :(
  13. Chillllin in the sun at the pub with some spliffs
  14. I don't feel comfortable answering that question, sir.

  15. This.



  16. Summer is my busy time of the year since I work in the wedding industry.
  17. IMHO Grasscity is gonna go to shit without Pandora. At least it is for me, that was pretty much the only reason I posted here.
  18. Even though I have not been the big GENERAL Forums poster.. I also noticed it dead since I got home.

    Been out of country on vacation/work for a week.... Now I found the joy of Red Dead Redemption... so between killin horse thieves I'll browse the forums...
  19. Im kinda glad to see the discussion of other drugs go only because all I ever see is 15 yr olds asking about dxm and benadryl. Too bad it also means no more talk of good drugs...

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