Whoa fast food!

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  1. Me and my girlfriend were arguing about how bad fast food is for you..so I went to burger king's site and here's what i came up with,


    this is why americans are so damn fat... now this is only one meal! some people eat 2-3 meals like this a day!
  2. I think its also the extra two slabs of meet on top of a crap load of mayo and what not, then fries and then soda. Now dont get me wrong I would still eat that, but like you said I really dont know why people are surprised.
  3. Because it tastes good. And I order that bitch WITH cheese. Aww yeah :smoke:
  4. I eat fast food daily, and I'm not fat. Then again it's usually one, maybe 2 meals a day with some candy and other junk food between. Stoner diet FTW :p

    To be fair, I do walk around for 98% of my job, mostly going up and down stairs and ladders carrying equipment, and a 10 hour day is a short one. When I was disabled w my broken leg, I gained a buncha weight. I'm around 180-190, 5'8" but I got up to like 210-220 at one point. I couldn't stand it, but then again not much exercise to be had when you're bedridden w a broken femur. Since I've been back to work I dropped back to what I'm cool with, I don't have a six pack but I'm also not fat :D

    Finally, Burger King FTMFW
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    Not to be rude or anything, but you're like 40 pounds overweight. I'm 5'10" 165 and still a little overweight cuz I eat just like you.

    edit- BIG CARL for the motherfuckin win!!!!
    also I love the 2 for $3 bacon double chee at bk

  6. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat.
  7. also 131g of fat 279g of carbs
  8. yeah I know
  9. alright first off buddd

    burger king is prob in a many countries.

    2nd off

    no1 can finish a tripple wopper and fries and shake with no break in between.
    it prob takes some people a a hour or two to finish everything.

    and if anyone eats a huge junk food binge like this, usually they dont alot for a while. resulting in possibly 1 large meal put together instead of 3 small spread out. and ya this 1 meal results in excess cals stored in large amounts. (throughtout the day)
  10. Yeah, that's definitely vulgar. Despite the fact that many people probably do space that out over a couple hours, that's still some sick shit to be putting in your body. It's all fat, carbs and sugar. Mmm. What happened to normal, balanced meals with real food?
  11. What exactly were you arguing about? She thought it was good for you?

    I think its pretty much common knowledge those burgers are 1,000+ calories, in fact I went to this McDonels once that had calorie shit on the back of their wrappers, never seen that in any other McDonels except that one. But yea the fries had like 300 calories and 40% of your daily sodium intake or something close to that.
  12. they have salads and stuff LOL

    \I dont think I could eat (or afford) a triple whopper and a oreo shake dammmm

    But I would get a whopper jr only ketchup and onions and it is 260 calories

    I could eat 10 of em a day and be a healthy weight its not only bout calories

    Its about artery clogging goodness I mean evilness

    Also you can eat whatever you want basically if you exercise?
  13. Obama should ban this shit.

    Fast food should be illegal and every fast food store owner thrown in jail.
  14. Damn. I have the munchies now...
  15. How can a stoner say somthing like that? it should be up to you to decide what goes into your body not the govt "heres the nutrition facts if you want to eat it then fine" just dont make tax payers pay for their bypass surgurey right elliot? heh. The shit aint healthy no big surprise but damn is it convenient and tasty (especially stoned) even if you do just shit it all out in 45 mins. Oh yea i read that no one can eat a triple whopper large fry and a milk shake without a break? thats ludacris!!! like one in three americans can probably eat that in one sitting, people eat like 60 hot dogs in 10 mins in those contest lol
  16. Yo mathilda whats a fine ass bitch like yourself doing eating fast food anywayz? dont you know that stuff makes girls fart? haha jk....love that jay :smoking:
  17. WTF????? are you kidding? Are you also for keeping weed illegal? You can't fucking legislate what people put into their own damn body.
  18. QFT. We need an Office of National Doughnut Control Policy to combat the evil of fast food. Harsh penalties and food courts need to be established for users. Treatment is the only cure for these junkfood junkies. Lengthy mandatory prison terms should be instituted for the pushers, they traffic in imported beef which supports the destruction of rain forests and props up illegitimate governments in South and Central America.

    According to recent statistics, proudly displayed on their signs, "billions have been served" by these cartels. In LA there are more fast food "joints" (the slang term used by kids for these establishments) than medical marijuana dispensaries. 34% of Americans are obese, and without stiff penalties the fast food peddlers will continue to entice youth into dangerous and addictive eating habits with kids meals and clowns. THINK OF THE CHILDREN, for God's sake!!
  19. I've never been called a "fine ass bitch" before...

    It's a rather invigorating experience..
  20. We both knew fast food was bad for you but i didnt believe it was to that extent.

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