WHOA another sick fuck strikes at Va Tech and he's asian

Discussion in 'General' started by ondrugz, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. i feel sorry for any asians that gotta walk around the va tech campus

    Xin Yang and Haiyang Zhu. Pictures: Virginia Tech University/ Montgomery County Sheriff Department

    2007 killer Seung-Hui Cho

    Xin Yang's head was cut off with a kitchen knife, just weeks after arriving in the United States from China to study accounting. Her alleged attacker, Haiyang Zhu, also from China, was arrested at the scene by an officer who arrived less than a minute after receiving an emergency call.

    On January 7, he wrote on a Chinese-language blog he had been so frustrated over stock losses and other problems that he thought “only of killing someone or committing suicide”. Miss Xin, 22, was believed to have been having coffee with Haiyang in the campus Au Bon Pain cafe. Seven witnesses from the cafe have said there was no argument or shouting prior to the killing on Wednesday at 7pm.

    The officer on the scene reported finding 25-year-old Haiyang holding her head in his hand, according to a police affidavit. He has been charged with first-degree murder. It is understood the pair had recently made friends and PhD student Haiyang was listed as one of Miss Xin's emergency contacts, according to university records. He was not known to the university team who deal with mentally disturbed students.

    Virginia Tech Student Xin Yang Decapitated In Campus Cafe At University Where Seung-Hui Cho Shot 32 | World News | Sky News
  2. Wow is all I have to say...sounds like that bus incident in Canada but not as public of a killing.
  3. What the fuck.
    Virgina Tech needed at least a decade of peace to get over the shooting.
    And now this?
  4. this is so fucked

    you got to be seriously messed up to sit there and hack someone head off.
  5. id never go to VT even if they paid me to.
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    What the FUCK
    Man i cant even chop a frogs legs off, let alone another person's head
  7. fuuuuuck going to vt.
    that's just fucked up... i agree with gopher; i cant even kill a fucking lady bug let alone beheading someone. ]=
  8. siiiiiiiccckkk...

    ugh man... :(


    Just as bad as the Canadian who chopped the dudes head off on the greyhound bus, and started to consume bits of it. I seen beheading videos before and they are the worst.
  9. What, that some gangster shit.

    Takes a real man to decapitate somebody.
  10. I am a student at Virginia Tech. I started there in 2006, and my good friend (who I won't name on here) was a victim on April 16, 2007. My first semester, in '06, when Morva was loose, I had a S.W.A.T. team point guns at me and some classmates then evacuated us out of a building. Now this happened just last week, and I have to go to class in an auditorium right next to the ABP in that building. If I had known, I probably wouldn't have come here, but how are we supposed to know these kinds of things. Why shit keeps happening here, I don't know, I just hope it stops.

    I must say though, that the Hokie community is like nothing I've ever seen before. Even will things like this happening all too often (and any time is too often for these kinds of things), the community pulls together and pulls through. I love this town. For the most part, every one is friends with everyone else, and we share a bond that few communities, or even small groups of people, have. I'm bitter, saddened, and even tired about the things that have happened, yet I'm still proud to be a Hokie.
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    I was thinking about posting this 15 minutes after it happened, but I figured no one wanted to hear about this crazy depressing shit anymore.

    Break-ins, people held at knifepoint and gunpoint, massacres, fatal hit and runs, people brandishing weapons, muggings, attempted rape, and now decapitation. Yes sir we have all of your violent hate crimes here at VT. Next year we'll have campus-wide arson.

    I remember back in high school we had to write a research paper about the college we wanted to attend. One of the sections of the paper was about crime history, and I recall there wasn't shit to write about 5 years ago.
  12. You're right, I forgot to mention the car accident and parking lot happenings. Is the Burg just not safe anymore?
  13. if I was yall *****s Id be carryin the fire everywhere.

    Then again if someone comes across the table at your ass with a kitchen knife youre not gonna have alot of warning.
  14. fuckin a, man

    y does this shit keep happening?
  15. Damn, beheading with a kitchen knife...that takes some patience.

    It must have been serrated.
  16. pretty fucked up way to kill somebody. around here most murders are cartel related or people killing infants and toddlers.
  17. this makes me never wanna go to VA tech, or hang out with asians....sorry
  18. How much tragedy can one school take? Man.

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