Who you do business with?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by dabs710, Aug 9, 2019.

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  2. I get the freedom argument but have people in legal states forgotten what real prohibition is? It’s legal to grow 6 plants there. a lot of people would love that opportunity in other places.
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  3. We can only grow 6 but they can have a plantation?
    Its not a war on drugs its a war on us.

    No thanks to chemically blasted taxed weed at walmart that will probably make 0.5% of consumers sick, just to come back and get prescribed pills.

    Chemicals kill cannabis heals

    Kids ingest chemicals and they start seizuring from the side effects. Kids ingest cbd and they stop the seizing.

    Its backwards

    Health over wealth my friends

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  4. i completely agree @Patricia Clemons, but we have seen that with Corp America for many years. I’m sure if they had their way you wouldn’t be able to grow the 6. The more that Wall St gets a taste of the cash, the more they want but as sad as it is, they also have a lot more influence over the govt than you or I will ever have. I wish a tax or big companies was the only thing that I had to fear
  5. We, in certain parts of the US, land of the free, can’t grow any at all.

    Crazy to me.
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  6. Certain parts being the vast majority of it
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