Who would you smoke with

Discussion in 'General' started by chevyguy2034, Jun 28, 2004.


Who would you smoke with

  1. Bob Marley

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  2. Tommy Chong

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  3. George Washington (well known hemp grower)

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  4. Richard Nixon

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  5. Harry J. Anslinger

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  6. John Ashcroft

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  7. John Lennon/Paul Mccartney

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  8. Louis Armstrong

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  9. other

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  10. The Grasscity Mods

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  1. If you could smoke with any of the above people in the world, past or present, who would it be, and if you chose other, please name who you would smoke with. Richard Nixon set up the drug scheduling system, and Harry J. Anslinger was the Commissioner of the US Bureau of Narcotics in the early 20th century, and basically where the negative image of pot came from.
  2. lennon.

    edit Grasscity Mods :smoking:
  3. cassus clay :smoking:

    edit..Grasscity mods :smoking:
  4. grasscity mods :D

    ....and hilton sisters ;)
  5. i say tommy chong coz he's a silly mo fo!
    toke on :smoke:

    edit Grasscity mods :smoking:
  6. lennon and mcartney. screw the mods :p they cant play me beautiful music
  7. I wouldn't mind smoking with Soma, from Soma Seeds.

    Kicking back and blazing up some NYC Diesel from his personal stash. Yup.

    And Critter, you better not mess with my post, haha. He's trying to rig this whole thread. :)
  8. haha i would most definitely like to smoke with Jesus... haha one time i thought i smoked with jesus, but it turns out i jus passed out on my floor looking strait up into the light..

    the mods would be pretty cool to, but hey man, its Jesus, cant fuck with that he prolly got some peyote n shit to.
  9. i put other, because i'm pretty sure smoking with snoop would be the fucking coolest. we'd smoke and then he could buy me all the munchies i wanted, and then we could cruise around in his car and be all 'bling bling' and such.

    also, bob marley. i go to an all guys catholic school (i should say did...it sucked so much i'm transferring), and one of the priests told us that he visited jamaica and smoked a joint with bob.
  10. :D i have to say the real tommy chong, he's a legend. Not cheech though, he'd spoil things lol :p
  11. Oh my god, that would be awesome to toke up with bob marley. He is a smoking legend. Every time i get stoned the first thing i do is pop in Bob Marley's Greatest Hits.

    Blaze on
  12. Probably lennon or something. I don't think I would want to smoke with any republicans (cough Ashcroft) because they piss me off too much when im stoned.
  13. i put other cuz i would love to toke it up wit Dave Chappelle he seems like he would be one of the funest people to smoke wit
  14. porn stars. The female ones.

    those girls are so fucked in the head that even if I didn't blaze with them I could say "fuck me" and they would. The weed will just make the sex better. :)
  15. ^^^

    Yeah, porn star chicks are real screwed up. They all lost their virginity to their next door neighbor, a forty five year old man, when they were ten years old.

    Then they get addicted to drugs, start hanging with the bad crowd. Some start working at strip clubs, others go straight to the streets. They whore themselves out looking for their next fix, often exchanging sex for drugs.

    Eventaully they get so hooked that prostitution can no longer pay for their habits. That's when they get involved in the porn industry. They make video after video. Gang bangs, threesomes, girl on girl, they do it all, looking to get more and more money. They spend all the money they make on more and more drugs.

    Eventually they die of drug overdoses.

  16. haha man, porn stars got some beatass pussies, it'd be like sliding your dick into a subway hoagie and yes i know wat this feels like haha
  17. hahaha

    Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway

    I don't fucking care. As long as I get mine, that's all that matters.
  18. Carl Sagan, so I picked other.

    But I was gonna pick the mods before I thought about it.
  19. how about Bob Saget. you could discuss all your olsen twin fantasies :p
  20. i would toke up with Ozzy ozbourne in the 80's man. then rockin out with the band. that would be fuckin sweeeeet

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