Who would you rather have sex with?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by YoooJess, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. A. Someone smoking hot
    B. Someone you like hanging out with
    C. Someone who does whatever you ask

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  2. Im going to go with secret answer D. All of the above.
  3. C so i can get freaky as fuck
  4. B seems the only good option i think.
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    hmmmm I'd have to say the wife. Horny as hell, gives great BJ's and I don't have to stress about performance LOL. Quick, easy, in my own home, I can always retreat to the ManCave afterwards while she passes out from exhuastion.
    Those reasons and if when with anyone else I would likely get the guilt consience going. Lived a sordid past, she found out, almost ended things but we worked it out.
    To go with the poll...
    She's a (C)
  6. B.

    Been doing that for a few months now; best decision ever.
  7. Got to go with B.  Had a few A's & C's.
    The problem with A's is they are hot and know it, so you feel you need to always be on your "A" game so to speak.  The issue with C's is if you know they will do anything, there is no challenge.  So it is hot for a while, but then it gets stale.
    Now with a B, you can think she is an A, and there is always the challenge of getting them to try new things. :)
  8. a and c.. 
    i dont care about b.. the question is about sex.. 
  9. If your talk purely sex obviously a. Im not really into crazy bondage or whatever and If Im just bangin her Idc if I like to be around her.
    On the other hand if the question was what girl would I rather date/be with definately b. The problem with a is I get jelous. Like really bad when other guys look at her and make sexual remarks and all the shit Im gonna snap pretty quickly. And c if she does freaky stuff she probly does it will all her lovers. Every time I kiss her Id think "shes prolly given multiple rjs in her life"... just nasty.
  10. Right now? C.

    I like 'em freaky.
  11. A.
    B. Don't want to be hanging out after the shit I'll do to them
    C.  Asking is making love...I'm Buck and I'm here to fuck!
  12. B. I don't have to worry about getting them to leave after.
  13. B
    What I'm going for right now

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  14. Since the question is only about sex, not a relationship, definitely have to go with C. A is good and all, but I'd still rather pick an uglier chick that I can be kinky with :ey:

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