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who would you rather have chasing you...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by amber420, Nov 23, 2003.


who would you rather have chasing you?

  1. jason

    0 vote(s)
  2. mike meyers

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  3. freddy

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  4. chucky

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  1. mine would have to be mike meyers
  2. really stoned...
  3. hahaha i don't know about them chasin me but i wouldn't mind givin chucky a few boots around the house!!!
  4. if chuky was chasing me I would have to sit down and have a session with him then have a good laugh then go and kill some kids.

  5. ...LMFAO!...
  6. It's easier to kick (and outrun) Chucky's ass than jason or freddie
  7. If I had to have some horror movie fiend chase after me I would rather it be Chucky, I mean, it's just a doll. I'd wait until he got up to me, I'd grab him and I'd be like

    "Try to kill me mutha facko, take this!"

    Then I'd probably punt him into the lake, maybe let the kid have him as a toy after I school him and show him that it's not cool being an evil killer doll.
  8. I picked Jason. He's the one who chases me in my dreams so it might as well be him in real life. way. I can't handle killer dolls. They freak me the hell out!!!!!
  9. Definitely chucky. So i could just turn around and stomp that little dolls ass! All those chucky movies are so retarded, i mean, hes a foot tall! JUST STOMP HIM!
  10. bring them all, i'd wear a suit of iron, then that's him fucked......he'd get his ass kicked.........chucky, nothing a good dose of acid wont sort out....or a flame thrower.......flamable fuel and his face.....and yeah i'd like to kick his ass all ove the place..........the other 2, a glass bottle, some potassium permanganate, a little bit of alcohol, (i'm not giving out the instuction here)......and they'd be glass bottle of dynamite, expldable on i'm working on a way to beat that bloody clown in IT.......i hate clowns.......i don't wanna be chased by a out........Sid
  11. Mike Myers, especially if he was in character as
    Wayne or The Cat in The Hat or that english spy guy or
    someone else that i cannot think of right now.

    Does pot smoking affect your memory?

  12. dude, mike myers couldnt be stopped, dont you remember? He got stabbed in his eye, hacked with an axe, shot with many guns, fallen many stories, ect, and he still just gets up! Plus, his mask scares me, haha...
  13. but you cant turn your back on chucky. how do you know a doll is really dead!?!
  14. because you can dismember it, and carry around its head or something...

  15. hell yea... make it into a necklace or the head of a staff....

    i don't think i'd mind being chased by any of them... i mean hey... if running screaming half nekked girls can get away, why not me??

    i think i would pick chucky just for that fact that i'd have a blast watching my 3 dogs ( all rotti's ) tear the shit out of him over and over again....chewing him to crap, peeing on him...then burying. :p
  16. but whos to say there arent 1000 more chuckies in an 18 wheeler on its way to your front door? and dismembered parts are even worse!! a single arm crawling around the house is much harder to track than the entire doll.

    its like a worm! each peice keeps on MURDERING!! (ok, not totally like a worm)
  17. ^

    yeah but dude, a single arm isnt about to kill me... i mean, i'd be sleeping and this arm climbs up on my bed and starts to choke me? Chuckys hands are like 3 in wide, ahha... and regaurdless of the situation, chucky would be the least life threatening out of all those guys, so quiet!
  18. what if that arm is wielding a light saber?? try to fight that!

  19. ALL OF THEM.. Thgey need to have a chance for survival as well.. Maybe one or two of them would be able to get away.

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