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Who would you love to toke with?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SirMarijuana, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. P.O.S., Aesop Rock, Seth Rogen, smokey from friday (even though he's not a real person), and most importantly my step brother if he smoked (RIP bro).

  2. Worst part is, i'm not even high. I could fucking SWEAR OP wrote jesus, i even remember checking before replying. The fuck

  3. i def saw OP post jesus as well.

  4. Idunno man he seems like he'd be a real dick. Don't get me wrong I LOVE his music he just seems arrogant and full of himself
  5. yeah i was going to say kid cudi too but then i realized he'd probably be kind of a dick. honestly i think most celebs would be. that is unless you treat them like a normal human being and not putting them up on some pedestal.
  6. Kevin hart, kid cudi, and/or some hotass chick
  7. God, and Jesus :hello: and John Lennon
  8. Doug Wilson from weeds, myself in 10 years, a buddy of mine from England, Mitch Hedberg, and Napoleon (Yeah the little french dude. I just think he would be mad fun for the rest of our tokin party to make fun of)

    This would be the ultimate sesh.
  9. Roger from american dad
  10. I would love to smoke with MOD SUN. His music is off the chain.
  11. Erik the Red!
  12. I'd really like to smoke with The Beatles it would be so amazing, also Dave Grohl if he still smokes if not then I'd definitely like to meet him he seems really awesome.
  13. There are a couple of people but they are worlds apart lol.
    My first one would be Harry Houdini, and the second would be the characters from fight club, the actual characters though, not the actors, that would be trippy as fuck!
  14. Bob Marley & Currensy , Redman & Method Man, Wiz Khalifa

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