Who would win in a fight?

Discussion in 'General' started by XxJWxX, Sep 16, 2002.

  1. Mike Tyson vs Shaquille O Neal. In a real street fight. I know Shaq is bigger but damn, I think Tyson would fuck him and Lennox Lewis up in a street fight. Any Old Tyson fans? Only reason he lost is because he's drugged out on some shit and brainwashed with all the past things he did, If he just straight up started swinging in that boxing match and didnt stop he woulda beat him, but you look at his oldschool shit and bam, he's just a little beast...Anyways im just high and bored ya know so dont mind me....got a nice gravity bong in my sink with my bong stem/bowl so its hittin real nice and damn, i need to stop
  2. Lewis would squash em all. If tyson did win any fight it would be becuase of some lackey stepping in or him fightin like a girl.

  3. ummm, hehe I dont remember posting this but I must have been real fucked up.....
  4. no doubt about it, tyson is a crazy fucker, and yeah, i think in a streetfight, he would fuck anybody up
  5. Yeah See, he knows what im talkin about...You put Lewis in an alley with Mike Tyson and there you have it, one bloody UK motherfcucker
  6. Yes, Tyson is the shit in boxing, I think the reason he lost in regulation boxing to Lewis is because he had ring rust due to sub-par competitors, and then he goes up against Lewis. And in a street-fight Tyson would "Eat his children" which he does'nt have LMAO, that or beat the shit outta him.
  7. tysons like a mother fucking caged animal....

  8. your mum...

    tyson is a fucking rapist animal. Lewis did beat him and if you do look at lewis and tyson you would notice that lewis is a lot taller... also do you notice that tyson's voice doesn't match his body. Instead of a guy who looks like he's got arms so big you wonder how he can wipe his ass (hey, lewis has a great system worked out I hear) you think of tyson- if you just hear his voice- as a little midget bald with grey hair at the sides and a pink shiney jacket and thick glasses...
  9. dude, Lennox beat Tyson's ass like a bitch because he has a much longer reach... Not because tyson is a fruit or brainwashed or whatever... Lennox may not be a better technical fighter, but because of the advantage he has, he is, and was declared a better fighter than Mike Tyson... and frankly, i'm glad:p

  11. YEAH WHAT ^^HE^^ SAID!!!

    You have to remember the topic man, I didnt say who would win in a boxing match because it seems Tyson forgot how to box years ago...But you put them in a streetfight and Tyson tackles Lewis on the ground then what's he gonna do? Throw a couple left jabs??? HEHE I DIDNT THINK SO.
  12. Did any of you watch the De La Hoya Vs Vargas fight last week??? That fight was nuts.
  13. de la hoya is a boxin motha futha too!

  15. Shaq can't do shit. Ok, maybe he'd dodge a punch or two, but given his skills are only in basketball, I'm voting for Tyson. Tyson gonna FUCK that mofo up!
  16. i have always feared tyson, and not so long time ago, i heard he once knocked up a cow. fuck it man, that guy is like the devil

    sometimes i think what would I do if a commit some serious crime, and have to be his cellmate, gee i´d shit my pants. don´t you?
  17. i fear tyson, much the same way that a lamb fears a t-rex, seeing as how the two would never meet, it is probably just as likely for a t rex to meet a lamb...as it is for me to meet tyson...so im not to worried about a streetfight with tyson...or lewis.......or shaq for that matter
  18. knocked up a cow?

    the only thing i ever did
    in the cow feild was pick

    i swear..

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