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Who would have thought

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. Top 10 Posters of the last 30 Days
    Rank Username Posts
    1 Luke
    2 highgirly420
    3 Bud Head
    4 smoke_the_dank
    5 easy rider
    6 WestCoastStoner
    7 Mustard
    8 told
    9 NaughtyDread
    10 sidious

    Top 10 Posters of the last 24 hours
    Rank Username Posts
    1 highgirly420
    2 Luke
    3 -==Illusions==-
    4 It's Kicked
    5 Reform MaryJane Laws
    6 Mr Skinner
    7 LovesToBlaze
    8 grass roots
    9 Dirt King
    10 IndianaToker

    I'm third down on the last thirty days and not even on the last 24 hours.. Must be the good weed i'm smoking..

    No need to post when your busy smoking..

  2. Oh don't remind me! I have to wait until tomorrow until my friend comes home...phooey.

  3. The city is your life.. Quit fighting it and become one with the green city monster.. LOL

    If you smoke one on one with me some days, there is no time to post much..
  4. Do l know you or what ???


  5. :D I'm climbing the ladder!
  6. '

    *Cough, cough* Uhm, post whore :D *Cough, cough*
  7. *slaps euro* dont call her a post whore,its post pimpett lol

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