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Who WIll you voting for in 2012 ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by burped, May 14, 2011.

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    i personally believe Ron Paul would be the best candidate. He simply breaks everything down so even dumb people can understand. He has common sense, and seems to have alot of potential.. Plus he constantly talks about giving the States the choice ot legalize/make Illegall of drugs like herion marjuana cocaine etc... Write now the federal government has it illegal, that said 1 out of 100 people arrested for Medical Marijuana are prosecuted, because the national law says it's illegal.
    And OBama is just a turd to me :/
  2. If you live in a swing state vote for Obama
    If you live in a red/blue state vote GREEN, they get federal funds if they win 5% of the votes.

    In before Ron Paul, he won't be on the ballot.
  3. I'm English but I picked Sarah Palin for jokes.
  4. No one. Our votes don't elect the president.... Even if they did I still would not. The president is nothing more than a glorified spokesperson.
  5. Really should have included more republican choices, because Ron Paul isn't even going to get the nomination.
  6. Well assuming Ron Paul will actually make it on the ticket I would absolutley vote for him. Though I really hope he changes his stance on State legalisation laws. I mean yeah that's great that he would allow states to choose whether to legalize marijuana and all but I don't want to have to see little heroin and cocain shops open.

    I think Ron Paul should really change his campaign to only allow the legalisation of marijuana because right now where he stands on allowing the legalisation of ALL drugs I think that turns all those people who don't do drugs and also turns away alot of us marijuana users as well. I almost would consider not voting for him just because I really don't want to have legal meth and dope heads walking around. That's sickening.
  7. I dont think Sarah Palin will win. Herman Cain's picking up steam I'm between him and Ron Paul right now.
  8. Ron paul! He wants to legalize weed!
  9. i'm not voting. politicians lie, what makes Ron Paul different?
  10. #12 Zewz, May 14, 2011
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    He'll let you take crack legally ;).
    Jp Hard drugs aren't cool.

  11. hard drugs ARE cool, why do you think they call it ice?
  12. I will be voting for Newt Gingrich.

    But no not really, most likely won't vote. Because it's all a crock of shit, we really don't have a say in who is elected.

  13. Every politician should want you to be able to use any drugs you want to legally.
  14. #17 Zewz, May 14, 2011
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    I don't believe so, giving people that kind of freedom is very dangerous.
    But too each his own.

  15. Having people not be able to get help and clean drugs is more dangerous. If not all drugs can be legalized, none of them should be.

  16. I was gonna say... anybody who would vote for her needs to leave this country by taking a boat, sailing it into int'l waters over some sharp, drop-off, sea-bottom shelf shit. Jump over and just keep swimming down, down, down...:wave: I truly hope they can dig up something on her that will make her go away forever. If she takes the nomination from Ron Paul, she should go visit Sponge Bob & Patrick too
  17. IMO you need many more choices. Then again, the candidates aren't set in stone at this point.

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