Who will win the 2013 Super Bowl?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by LSDForPeace, Aug 5, 2012.

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    last post buddy i promise. i don't wanna kick you when you're already down
  2. Did someone really vote for the jets ?
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    My way-too-early favorites are the Denver Broncos.

    Seriously, though... they've got a legit D and Peyton Manning running the offense. Watch out for the Donks. :p

    Manning with McGahee and Moreno in the backfield throwing to Thomas and Decker. :eek:

    And they just signed Jim Leonhard.
  4. broncos defense is actually pretty mediocre... :/
  5. ^Yeah, with Tim Tebow running an ESE offense. They should improve with Leonhard.

    The Broncos will probably have a better defense than Indy ever gave Manning.
  6. no....the year they won the superbowl, that indy defense led by bob sanders was pretty damn good. way better than this denvr one
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    the 2007 indy defense was 3rd in the league in total yards allowed per game, 2nd in pass yards allowed per game, and 1st in points allowed per game.

    last year denver was 20th in yards allowed per game, 18th in pass yards allowed per game, and 24th in points allowed per game

    and you really think jim leonhard is going to make their defense that much better?

    their secondary is pretty mediocre. champ had a decent year last year, but hes way past his prime. their lb core is their only above avg unit on their defense. and tim tebow was not the reason for the d's poor play
  8. Whoever said Chicago Bears...I love you all. :love::metal:
  9. ^What a nerd. :p (zro420)

    Denver did hold 7 opponents to 17 or less (top 4 NFL scoring D average.) They held 5 opponents to 13 or less. They've got potential.

    Tebow's play puts more pressure on the defense. Manning's play makes defense unnecessary.

    And yeah, Jim Leonhard is a beast... or do you not know what Captain of the motherfucking Jets means? :p
  10. Cam Newton

  11. haha. until you said something about it, i didn't even realize that the broncos got leonhard. he is a decent player, not all that great. just because he was captain doesn't necessarily mean he was one of he best players on the defense. there's a bunch of different criteria for being a captain in the nfl. veteran leadership etc

    but broncos defense is alright. nothing special. they have potential to be a 10 win team, but i dont quite see it. too many question marks. especially manning's health. he already began to decline in 2010, and he is 35 or so years old coming off a season ending neck injury that has required multiple surgeries. and their running game won't be nearly as good without tebow. i just think that the other afc west teams are all just as good, if not better.

    also i really wanted to just refute your point that indy never had as good of a defense as the broncos do this year :devious:
  12. [quote name='"l Palm trees l"']Cam Newton[/quote]

    You and your o lineman are the only people that think that

  13. Better chance than the ravens
  14. Well the chiefs are a very above average football team. I think the team that had the best chance to win is the 49ers they have the deepest roster in the nfl easily. Even though I'm still gonna root for my team the colts.

  15. Best joke I've heard all day:laughing:
  16. At best, the ravens will go 4-12... at best.

  17. Your trolling needs some work, man.

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