Who will win the 2013 Super Bowl?

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  1. You can pick your favorite team, or who you think will actually win. Give me your reasons why you think they will!

    Oh, and go Ravens!:smoke:
  2. All I know, is my home team, The Vikings, are going to suck hard just like every year lately.
  3. Ravens
    Reason ray rice and our d will never be to old
  4. Eagles. Mike vick fuck yeah
  5. Pats of course. :hello:
  6. The Poll is now up, I left out 12 teams that pretty much don't have a chance because I could only pick 20..sorry fans of the Seahawks, Panthers, Vikings, Redskins, Rams, Buccaneers, Browns, Dolphins, Colts, Chiefs, Panthers, and Jaguars..:wave:
  7. Fuck the cowboys. :p
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    the panthers, bucs, seahawks, and chiefs all could easily make the playoffs. i dont think they necessarily will win the superbowl, but to leave them off this list is dumb.

    kansas city is probably one of the most talented teams in the entire league. they have an elite defense led by a stellar secondary and very good pass rush, and a ridiculous amount of weapons on offense.

    people who think cassel will hold them back are just ignorant. 49ers were one fluke play away from going to the superbowl with alex smith, and cassel is probably better than smith is, and this chiefs team is just as good, if not better than that niners team was.

    cassel is going to play a similar role to smith a la last year. not do too much, just hand the ball off to jamaal charles and peyton hillis, and throw it 25 times or so a game to dwayne bowe, jonathan baldwin, tony meaoki, and steve breaston.

    this chiefs team is going to be a lot like last year's 49ers. except their offense is probably better than the 49ers' and their defense is just as good.

    and the bucs will be drastically improved this year. freeman has a full offseason under his belt when he actually knows the playbook, which he never has had, and they upgraded their team drastically through free agency and the draft. aqib talib is an elite corner, and their defensive line should be really good. only problem i see with the bucs is their youth. really, REALLY young team.

    as for the seahawks, if matt flynn is as good as people think he might be, then they should be a very good team. their defense was number 9 last year, and they have probably THE best secondary in the nfl. sherman and browner were two rookies last year and they still played like pro-bowlers. earl thomas is right up there with ed reed and polamalu, and kam chancellor is very good as well. their lb corps should be very good with the addition of bobby wagner and kj wright through the draft, and jason jones was a great addition as a free agent from tennessee.

    to group carolina, kc, tampa, and seattle with shitty teams like cleveland, indy, and jacksonville is downright silly. i wouldn't be surprised if the chiefs won 12 games this year

  9. The Chiefs have one of the easiest schedule in the whole league so yes they will make the playoffs, and when they do they will lose in the first round or the wildcard game. I made the decision based off the team's schedules and their divisions as well, not just their players....Obviously you're a fan of at least one of the teams that I wasn't able to list, like I said before sorry.:laughing:
  10. he's an Eagles fan. Obviously he's just a fan of football.
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    let me get this straight. the chiefs have one of THE most talented teams in their conference, not just their division. but because they play a "weak" schedule , they have no chance whatsoever of winning the superbowl?

    so much fail
  12. Packers vs Pats, Packers win.
  13. Dolphins....fuck your poll!
  14. also, why do you think the chiefs have an easy schedule? have you even seen it or are you just making some wild assumption based off of your false belief that they're in a weak division.

    they play san diego, oakland, and denver all twice. any of those 3 teams could make the playoffs.

    they play atlanta week 1, followed by a trip to buffalo, then a trip to new orleans

    after they play san diego, they play baltimore and then tampa bay

    they then play oakland, san diego, pittsburgh, cincinnati, denver again, carolina, cleveland, oakland, indy, and then denver

    literally the ONLY "easy" teams they play are cleveland (who is underrated still) and indianapolis. every single one of the other teams they play all have a viable chance of making the playoffs

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  16. nice rebuttle

    i know you're butthurt it's cool

  17. I'm the one butt hurt but yet you've come back to my thread multiple times to type out paragraphs about how you are opposed to my opinion..hmm yeah, seems like it.:laughing:
  18. obviously the 49ers

  19. when someone is wrong, why not correct them?

  20. Back again I see?:rolleyes::laughing:

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