Who were you in highscool?

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  1. who were you in highschool?
  2. class clown... ALWAYS high
  3. mr. nice guy
  4. I was the guy who stabbed people with a wood awl during shop class.
  5. dreadlocked hippy for sure. but I knew everyone and had a lot of awesome friends
    dude I miss high school so much

    some many random parties and slutty ass girls ahaha
    college is better in that aspect but it was still fun as shit :hello:
  6. drug dealing crazy person!

    but im passed that now!
    - i think back when i was living with my fam, i know i gave my dad some whitehairs
  7. I was the Janitor.

    Used to bust into kid's lockers at night and steal their dope.
  8. Quiet,and hardly ever there. Remember one time my dad getting a phone call from the office asking him if i planed on coming back to school, He goes " Yeah he should have been there today " and they tell him i haven't been there in about 2 months :p
  9. I had always been the class clown in school, until I hit HS, there were way too many people to command attention like I had used to... I was a bit of a recluse, but I had my friends.
  10. i was only there for 2 years but i was tagged the stoner fast, it kinda started pissing me off cuz mofos kept calling me brain dead and acting like i was high ALL the time lol

    and i was the guy with fat dime bags then i got busted and dropped out in 10th grade
  11. i was the guy in the back of the class that always stunk up the room like bud:smoking:
  12. i wouldn't change a thing about who i was in high school, i loved every minute of it. i was i guess the "cool" crowd. i played baseball, was blazed everyday, and was into racing. and there were sluts galore. freshman year of college was good cause i was in philly but this year blows i transfered for baseball and the team is sick but the school i'm at is boring as hell, makes me wish i was back in high school.
  13. I was a stoner/grower who supplied most of his school with smoke, but I was also an athlete. My school was a bit different like that; the 'cliques' tended to merge quite a bit. Most of the 'jocks' were also smokers, and quite a few of the latter were also the former.
  14. up until senior year, i was a nerd

    then i found our good friend mary jane and changed into a chill stoner. i became more relaxed in general, started partying and having an all around good time

    and that's really who i am, so i'm still like that today! thanks weed :D
  15. i was the classic stoner kid since freshman year.. seniors came up to me to give me props all the time. lol
  16. i didnt fit any group in highschool. I got along with everyone. I was partying every weekend, never really studying, and always gettin good grades. I was in honors classes, but got along with jocks, nerds, musicians, everyone. I hardly went to class, still kept grades up, got along with administration, and had a good time. I dno who i was in highschool, but i didnt smoke until late junior year, so im a much different person now for sure.
  17. Paranoid coke dealer.
  18. straight up stoner
  19. I was called "stoner Lukas" or "stoney Luke" by everyone in high school. Typical stoner I guess, I would always stay after class to get in long philosophical discussions with my teachers. Sort of a nerd that way I suppose.

    "Stoney Luke" is what was on my rugby jersey. Coach always called me "boulder" because nobody could ever take me down. The name just stuck afer the years.
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    I was the apparent stoner who also played football, but was also a big nerd. Some days I sat with a few of my teamates and core friends. Other days I sat at the nerd table to swap Star Wars and Star Trek references or to talk WoW when I still played.

    My friends liked to call me the king of the nerds because you could look over at our table and see me towering over everyone else while making X-Wing manuevers with my hands to simulate the destruction of the Death star to a hazy minded friend... (sorry, too much detail?)

    Now while I did like all the talk of who was pitching in $5 for the pre-practice bag or how our coach liked to sodomize small children in his office after hours, I still enjoyed the day or two of nerd respite each week.

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