who wears a backpack?

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  1. Who wears a backpack/brings one with them where ever they go? I'm looking to order a backpack off amazon. Seems useful to carry stuff with me everyday. If you do have arry a backpack with you all the time, what kinds of stuff do you keep in it? Any ideas on which one I should get? I want a really cool one
  2. I haven't worn a backpack since I was 8.
  3. Backpacks are useful as shit
  4. [​IMG]

    a friend of mine rocked this shit in college for 2 years. Convo starter
    myself i used to use my northface for books, but now i just use it to pack my clothes and other stuff for the weekend. if im on the road
  5. Backpacks are amazing, you can carry so much shit with little to no trouble. I usually carry all my smoking gear in my bag when I go to chill with friends, soo convenient.
  6. So this won't be too much help since I don't remember the brand but maybe someone will know what I'm talking about. My ex had a backpack that has black and had a hard back it was kinda thin but had a shit load of pockets which was what I loved about it. And I think it had an X on in somewhere. Ring any bells?

  7. Fuckin weird, there was just a girl today who was wearing that thing on campus at a smoking area and everyone was complimenting her on it.
  8. Some really good deals on packs at Sierra Trading Post. You have to sign up for their "deal flyer" to get the email offers. Great deals on tons of outdoor stuff. My last order I bought $130 hiking boots and a $90 backpack for about $65 delivered.

    Sierra Trading Post - Great Deals. Great Brands..
  9. OD assault pack. Friend recommended it for its durability after coming from Iraq. Had it awhile and its still good as new.

    I usually keep hidden money, change of clothes, toothbrush, paste, deodorant, body mist, scarf, knife, 'private' stuff, and whatever may be necessary for the day.

    On back or in the car. All from a few years of moving repeatedly and bailing.
  10. i've been considering it. don't have the money right now, but next paycheck i'm going to invest in a cool backpack and some work boots
  11. I use my laptop bag for everything, but occasionally I'll use my backpack
  12. has anyone here ever seen adventure time!?
    my sister bought be a backpack that looks like Jake the dog :D :D i love it and wear it whenever i gotta carry alcohol and or drugs around lol
  13. My patagonia chacubuco goes every with me usually, holds my lappy and everything else I'll need to survive and be comfortable.
  14. my friend carries it all the time, he always got a clip on him, his laptop, and other shit on him
  15. I just have a black Jansport Superbreak
  16. that would be a good idea....

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