Who was listening to us?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by highman1988, May 29, 2009.

  1. Alright heres what happend... my brother is in town from Tennessee for the week... We were out in the shed smoking down when we heard a beep... Well this shed hasn't been used in years.... So being as high as we were... we freaked out and proceded to take everything out of this shed to find out what had beeped... Only to find that it was an old tape recorder with the "record" button stuck... Me and my brother laughed.... but then we started to wonder... Could someone be recording me getting high?
  2. Rewind it and play back the whole tape. if record is jammed down it was obviously recording before you got there.
  3. What did it say?
    or am i the only one who wants to know
  4. if the beep meant the end of recording then that means it had not been recording long. that is pretty fucked up...
  5. Sounds like next time you go into the shed.. you might not be alone. That sounds like a slogan to a terrible American Horror movie.
  6. I doubt anyone wanted to know the things you said while high so just play it back and see what it recorded. If it was nothing significant, just put it back and watch your shed for a day or two. Whoever left it there is probably going to pick it up.
  7. confucious says : rape will soon occur
  8. this.
  9. This shit is fucking tripping me out man. What the hell did it say, was there someone there? Holy shit.
  10. spooky shit yo
  11. id kill a virgin and smear the bood on the door of the shed, keep those evil spirits away

    some people are freaky, id put a camera up by it and let it record for a day or two just to see if anyone comes there
  12. Dude that is fuckkkkkin trippy....update this shit so we know what was on the tape before it was recodring you....creepy as shitt
  13. Man thats some scary shit. Investigate that man, post up a watch on that shed see what kind of business goes down. That's what I would do.
  14. Yooo, thats crazy. You gotta update us!
  15. That's fuckin crazy
  16. Do you live with someone that is against pot? Like parents or something?
    Who's shed is it? If you live with your parents, they may be trying to figure out if you're a smoker.
  17. Play it back and see if it says ''Seven Days''.
  18. you guys probably pressed a button or two moving some shit around or sitting on something
  19. 420imnotsober, nice sig it had me trying to squash the damn thing for a good minute before i realized it was fake

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