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  1. Now stay with me on this, and if your on my level just read.
    Wouldn't it be cool if you could get so high, your brain went into a state of complete zen, and you were preforming task that were impossible. Like just think, your faded as shit and you start believing in something so much that you actually do it. Like i could just go up to a car and throw it into the air. And then everyone who got this high could actually do this shit. It would be kinda like the matrix, the movie, were if you realize the truth behind it all, that all it is is a bunch of atoms floating around creating everything we touch and see, then that would be the key. And only upon smoking a shit load of THC could you actually realize it. What would you attempt to do? The universe the limit. I would literally just move through the universe! like, in one swoop just go wwwwwwwwwwwccssss (like a rocket blasting of, but like 1000x bigger) all through the universe, cause if ya think about it, the universe in an entirety is just a big mass of atoms, and your just a big mass of atoms, so why couldn't it be done?
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    dam, and imagine that upon flying through the universe you saw "yourself" but in infinity different ways, cause thats all it is, the universe is made up of all the possibilities you could have taken at every millisecond, and each one leads to a completely different path. So anything is possible if you think about it, based entirely on the choices you make every second. Like just think, if i typed one letter, lets say this one "F", right there in that half inch byte was infinity possibilities, i could have typed anything! anything, and that was one letter! so imagine how big the universe must be!!!!! Because just by typing that letter and even editing this line right here i am creating whole new universes just by the moments i make!
  3. and then, on top of that, the universe is also way bigger outside out planet, so that means there infinity possibilities else were too! So the universe, is way bigger then are little minds can take, and if you think about it, were all just thinking the universe revolves around are selfs, when in fact it does because every choice you make changes it, so that means you the center of the universe, but so is everyone else ya know?
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    This reminds me of talking to my friends after like 4 personal's each out of a 2 foot bong.
    Its like.
    "Wow man, thats deep."
    "What the fuck were we talking about?"
    Haha, but I would get an IV of THC and just become a super hero.
    Make a TV show man.
    Its your calling.
  5. You know, you can edit your posts so you don't triple post. Just a thought.

    Anyway...you must be fucking high, dude.
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    I hate how people associate deep thought with only being high, i mean i am, but i think deep as shit when not.
    And if you think about it, when you die, you don't really die, because in a different universe (or possibility) you will still be alive based on the infinity decision you and everyone around you make. So If you "really think about it, there's a different universe out there were everything is perfect, and were in a shit one if you compare the two! Like, if there is a perfect "possibility out there" then that could be your heaven, but you dont go there when you die, because its already going on. So who knows? maybe one day a different universe will find a way to contact ours, and we will know of there knowings, and then that will create a new universe of possibilities! And then eventually, upon one big swoop. It will all be gone!

    but the saddest part is that the people, the people who have way to much blind faith, will never believe it! and they will fight and kill to make sure it isnt true!
  7. nice.

    your not the only one that has thought that though.
  8. oh but i know, but i also know that the people who do know, think that they know more. Because there will always be that little instinct inside you that makes you feel your more special than everyone. And the only reason we all have that instinct, is because you can never live some one else life. you can never see through there shoes so to speak.
  9. ^^ I don't associate deep thought with being high, I associate obvious bakedness with being obviously high.
    But yeah. Deep thought? I mean, it's a thought... just, a bit out of my reality zone
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    but why would it be out of your "reality zone"
    the whole part about there being a gate way to those universe is a little fishy, but to blindly ignore that there are other worlds based off of our decision is ignorance. because if you think about it, its true!

    if you think there is just one possibility and we all our just following a string of decision set into place, your probably high, no offense.
  11. the part where you get so high you can literally do anything. At all...

    edit - sorry, I'm not trying to shoot down your idea, but that's my opinion.
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    but if you think about it, in other universes you can just "lift a car" because although in this reality, (the one were breathing, typing, and contemplating about right now) may be set into place and impossible to lift a car, in one of those universes with infinite possibilities people could have made different choices that in turn made it common in "there reality" to just lift cars like it was nothing. I know its hard to believe but its actually quite simple if you think about it. Every thing is possible, just in complete different areas of thought and reality. And the only reason its harder for "us" to believe is because we live in a shity reality filled with corruption, hate, false profits, and lack of hope.

    so maybe your not one of those people who
    like i do
  13. I think it's just because I'm realistic.
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    no i think its because your in denial!

    again no offense, because discussing the unknown isnt something to debate about, its something to discover with each other and thus become enlightened.

    its probably harder to explain this sort of thing with text, and with loosely misspelled "high person text"
    so forgive me.
  15. No offense taken I quite understand. It's just, here's how I'd put it:

    Yes, your hypothesis COULD be possible - in the sense that anything's possible.
    But there is no logical or rational reason to believe so.
    And I like to think I'm a rational thinker.

    You say 'enlightened', when in reality, overwhelming chances are this is not real, and so you're not becoming enlightened.

    but sure, I'm all for 'what ifs' and shit, if they have any substance to them.
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    but thats were you make your flaw, because you think that im talking about our reality, the universe were in, but im not, im talking about an entirely different reality, and you cannot mistake both of them together, because of course you cant "pick up a car here" but in that other reality you can.

    your obviously one of those people who think if you cant touch or see it its no real.

    though is reality,
  17. *Exits thread* Sorry I'm not high.

    Actually wait, I'm going to go mix a cocktail and down it and I'll get back to you.
  18. well how about you put your theory to the test and buy like 5 pounds of weed and do nothing but smoke until you finish it :bongin: :smoking: :bongin: :yummy:
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    well how about you put your theory to the test and buy like 5 pounds of weed and do nothing but smoke until you finish it :bongin: :smoking: :bongin: :yummy: :confused: :eek:

    ******** sorry bout the double post *********
  20. Okay, I'm back. Had to drink about 4 cocktails and I'm buzzin a little.
    Yeah, I think about shit like this all the time when I'm sober, makes me feel like I'm crazy. I'm for sure what you wouldn't classify as 'normal', at a party people are bumpin' and grindin', I'm the cat that will be sitting there drinking and smoking and thinking about alternate universes and government brain control, I guess the average person could call me weird, haha.

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