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who wants to smoke my honey bear?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. wan i luv that game it's so kool;) nice 1 Mr SBB
  2. that is a great game dude i love it some are actually hard
  3. i got Purple Haze
  4. i got to where it stops it dosent go all the way
  5. that is the greatest game on earth.
  6. i got to where it wants you to sign up, but that was fun, good questions though.
  7. kewl game! played it like 100 times!?!?
  8. great game :D
  9. I beat it the first time, then I played it the second time to see if it changes questions and I realized we get life lines, the dealer is badass, is he the same each time you play it?
  10. I have speant way to much time on this game.
    funny as hell. :)

  11. You can only get so high on it, until it tells you to BUY the full version, which sucks... I used to play that game in my earth science class last year. It was a class full of stoners, we all crowded around the computer and gave out the answers, we got as far as you can with the free version. We were so excited about getting to the "honey bear", but then it was like, THANKS FOR PLAYING! BUY THE FULL VERSION! and everyone was like, wtf?!? haha, it sucked, but was funny at the same time. Our teacher was cool about it too, haha...

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