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  1. seeing if anyone out there wants to proof read this shit!
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    \tHinduism, or Santana Dharma, is believed to be over 4,000 years old but there is no apparent founder. There is has been controversy over where the religion actually came from. The Aryan Invasion theory states that a group of invaders from outer India civilizations, called Aryans, invaded parts of India and supposedly brought with them the Vedas. The Rig Veda is possibly the world’s oldest scripture, and is believed to be the foundation of Hinduism. Although, many Hindu followers refuse to believe that their religion came from a nomadic non Hindu tribe. Still to this day we are unaware of the exact date and founder of the religion. Hinduism has roughly 900 million followers with is 15% of the whole population, making Hinduism the 4th largest organized religion in the world.
    Hinduism is a monotheistic religion, meaning they believe in one higher being. Although, there are over 300 million different forms of this god that make people believe this religion is polytheistic. Followers want 4 things in life: Kama, pleasure in life; Artha, sense of self worth; Dharma, ethical duty; and Moksha, enlightenment. Reaching Moksha is the number one goal in Hinduism; Hindus often practice yoga to obtain Moksha. There are four different types of yoga; Jnana, Bhakti, Karma, and Raja. Each yoga practice has a different approach to reach moksha ranging from a mental approach to a scientific approach. Hindus also go through 4 stages in life, generally every 25 years they advance to the next stage. The first stage is the Student in which the individual will spend time in school and will then apprentice under someone from a different family. Next comes the householder where the individual will start his family and career, he/she will also get involved in some sort of community service. Third comes retirement where the individual will succeed from society to become more introspective, although the individual might get caught up in the householder stage where he will stay until he realized he must move one. Finally comes the Sunnyasin stage where the individual feels finished with the material life and dedicates his life to spiritual growth.
    Hindus have an interesting social structure called the caste System. The caste system pertains four classes in which civilians are placed. The highest class is the Brahmins which are priests and spiritual leaders, these individuals hold the most power and are seen as the highest ranking citizen. The second highest class is the Kshatriyas which consist of warriors, kings, and vassals; this class isn’t as powerful as the Brahmins but is much wealthier. Next, we have the Vaishyas which are the economic specialists; this includes the farmers and the Merchants. And last there’s the Shudra which are the manual laborers and artisans. Not included in the caste system but are still considered a class is the Untouchables which are the outcastes of the society, the members of this class did the lowest of possible work.
    Hindu belief of the universe is quite captivating. Hindu’s believe that the universe has no beginning or end. They believe that the universe has 4 repeating stages, each stage lasting about 4.32 million years. In Hindu belief earth is a form of training ground, as in humans will spend their lives trying to achieve moksha, if moksha is not achieved are reincarnated and will attempt to be enlightened again. If moksha is achieved the individual becomes one with everything on a much higher level. Another fascinating Hindu belief is that the cow is a very sacred being. Cows are allowed to graze freely throughout cities and at times people will even put holy necklaces and trinkets on the cows as a form of ritual. Hindus are mostly vegetarian and are never allowed to eat beef under any circumstance.
    In the essence Hindu’s devote their life to being pure and whole hearted, their number one goal being achieving enlightenment. They practice yoga to aide in their search for enlightenment and takes a huge role in their religion. Hindu’s believe in one god although this god comes in many different variations. The Hindu’s main scripture is the Vedas which contains the essentials for being successful in life. Hinduism has been around for thousands of years and will continue to exist for thousands more.
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