Who wants to lick my scissors? *AK48 HARVESTED!!*

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    First come, first serve! :wave::wave: :hello: :D


    She had a ton more purple than I anticipated.

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  2. MEEEE!!!! Its Mine!! *Punches siblings and tackles dog out of the way*

    just like when I used to fight for my moms spoon after she stirred cookies.

    lmao! nice pics man looks delicious. :D
  3. Nice. what is it? i tried to check out ur grow journal but it gave me an invalid link thing. Looks great whatever it is. Im too old to be smokin this resin. but hey at least im not cutting nothin down early
  4. Thanks! I scraped it off and chewed it. Tasted like really dank flavored wax. Weird, but delicious. Don't think it's ever coming off the teeth.
  5. Sorry had to ditch my grow journal for a bit, i'll get a new one started up on the next batch. I'm not sure of the strain on this one, it was a 5 year old dank seed. I'm impressed with how she grew, and will keep her around a bit.

    I'm days off from harvesting some AK48 too.
  6. you just straight up ate the hash? why didnt you smoke it?
  7. That's how I roll. Besides, I already have 7 grams of hash here and that shit was straight delicious. I'll probably have another quad of hash in a few days.
  8. haha well shit, i wish i had enough hash so it wouldnt matter if i took a bite every now and then. lucky :D
  9. Exactly what I was thinking. Should atleast smoked a little to see how it was :confused::eek::mad::mad:
  10. that's gross..
  11. In this state it would have been crazy hard to smoke. Let it sit out for 3 or 4 days while smashed down and it would probably work. It's natural hash, a lot of sticky crystals, hairs and "blood" from the stems bleeding when cut. Way waxier than most hash which is often oilier and resiny.

    I think munching it might become a new harvest-time tradition. A little bit of cannabis gum as a treat for an hour of leaf cutting is a great reward. :smoke:

  12. dude I would have used a lighter and smoke right off those scissors
  13. I have a difficult time cleaning my fingers, after trimming. I think I will try wearing those thin cotton gloves that are made for sensitive skin. After awhile they should be ready for an iso wash. :)
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    Here's the scissors round 2. 72 hours later after the real trim party. This stuff was smoked. Dry enough to smoke it, and almost pure fresh, sticky keif.


    Damn did this stuff twist me sideways. I smoked it on a premie bud of it's mother. So smooth, but not much flavor with lack of the jar curing. Blitzed out my gourd.

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  15. cool . let me know how that ak48 is.... im smoking the 47 at the moment and have two of three confirmed female ak 48.... im just waiting to get more room to clone them so i can bud em.... im medical so ive got a limit:mad:
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    Who wants to lick the AK48 scissors?!?!?!!!

    Damn this shit was a PITA to harvest. Waaaay huge load. Ran out of room in my drying space, had to hang a couple elsewhere and tape a few up ghetto-style.

    I'm smoking this harvest hash though, it's something else.

    The other ball of hash next to the quarter is just for reference/comparison to QWISO. I put half of this harvest hash away for a rainy day :)


    Thankfully I don't have to trim for another month or two, except this girl's final trim.. So sick of it, this girl took 2.5 hours today and I even slacked off. I'll trim off some more during the final trim party in 72 hours after I've had a break. For the first time this year my HPS is off and I only have a the girls vegging for now.

    If you look close at the hanging picture you can see two jars with one type and two bags curing with the bud from this thread's first post. The bottom shelf has some trimmings drying, and the bucket at the bottom is AK48 trim.

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  17. Lick it? nah.
    Top a bowl with it and smoke you up?

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