Who wants to kill Miley Cyrus?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Bluntzilla420, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. She is only 15 and that bitch is on every channel. I cannot understand how so many untalented people break through in the entertainment business. Even reading what she said about kissing a girl makes her sound pompous. Here is a link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/eonline/20080730/en_tv_eo/9dcd487689a0_45aa_a38a_4cbb600111be

    I mean, like, the girl is, like, 15. Her like 13 year old brother is like, um, 2 years youner than her. Ugh fuck her.
  2. Every time I see her smiling slut face on some piece of cardboard, I always say "you little slut, I hope you die" out loud. literally. I hate untalented fame
  3. Haha yeah I hate people like her who think they're the shit . She only got famous because of her Dad lol.
  4. I want to kill her virginity. ;)

  5. Hah you know she aint no virgin.

  6. I know. Don't tell the police where I live. ;)
  7. i'd fuck her to death, but if it wasn't an snafu through sexual practice then no.
  8. I'd put it in her butt... Her "music" sucks though.

  9. Hahahaha oh shit, made me fall out my chair!
  10. HAHA! Too late I already did:D

    just kidding, obviously, but she is already a fucking whore.
  11. My sister. What did you do to her.
  12. If by kill you mean invest in, then yes I'm down. The girl is a serious cash cow, I'm sure the person who signed her at disney is hosing down super models with a mix of expensive champagne and ground up $100 bills lol.
  13. Actually, you could tell them right now. They would catch my dad having sex with my girlfriend's mom. I'm at my neighbor's house who is on vacation.

    Seriously. It's kind of weird. The color green can verify this. :devious:

    He wanted in on the action. :eek: :hide:
  14. she's gettin a little too big for her britches now a days. good thing other cute little disney girls are going to top that bitch and shove her way back in her ass where she belongs.
  15. Oh yeah,,,,,,,, right on my lap. :cool:
  16. I mean shit i feel for her.
    She aint tryin to kiss a girl on the teen choice awards...

    Shes just a pretty face who went along for a ride. They wanted to slap her name on everything so she did now shes a superstar... she sells out fucking ampitheatres! not many of you can say that for yourself.
  17. She's the spawn of mullet.

    She must be killed, mullets, shall dieeeee.
  18. yes she did all of those things but im an avid reader of the gossip sites and have you seen those recently leaked pictures of her? she's a little slut. seriously. she also said she feels "empowered" that girls wear shirts with her face on it. she feels like she's a role model but she's not. role models don't take pictures of themselves in their panties for the whole world to see. even my little cousins boycott miley and they were hardcore hannah montana fans. such a shame.

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