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Who wants to come over and get smoked out by me tonight?(Burbank, CA)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by modern-hippy, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. I'm bored...... all my friends are off doin other shit... Respond to this if you feel like coming over and letting me pack you a bong load. in the pool/hot tub or by the firepit. I feel like smoking with someone, bein by myself is boring. I'm in burbank, Ca..... remember to put your ASL (age sex and location) so i at least know who you are

    ps.... my ASL is im a 21 year old stoner dude.... from burbank
  2. ill come over...

  3. Call the cops. They're always down for a bong session.:p
  4. More like come over and get arrested!!!

    Just kidding. You sound chill, but unfortunately I don't live in Burbank.
  5. Sure, as long as you pay for the round trip airline ticket :)
  6. lol sound like a trap like that one on abc with the online chat that lures pedophiles to their house and gets interviewed by the host and arrest them once they leave the house lol
  7. To the Guy above me, I thought the same thing. Instead of How to Catch a Predator, they should call it. How To Fool A Pot Head.
  8. Hahah funny shit. But to the OP if you fly me there ill be down for at least a few bong rips:p
  9. and get arrested? not worth it. to OP no offense
  10. I dont think the cops in cali would invest in the time and the money to give anyone who goes there a 100 dollar ticket. I would be down if i still lived in Valencia but i live in Seaside up north. but i think i can make it to burbank in 5 hours.
  11. OP- Are you a Cop,Dea agent, or any other law enforcement officer?If you say no and you are that is entrapment.Im nineteen and a dude too passing through Indio on my way to Santa Barbara
  12. I'm pretty sure that law changed a while ago. They just can't directly influence you to break the law.
  13. buddys got over 800 post. def not fuckin MSNBC.
  14. You've obviously never watched COPS
  15. How do you feel about heavy petting?
  16. Quoting that shizz. +rep
  17. Cops is my fav show
  18. just dont show up with trees on you i highly doubt you are gonna get arrested haha.

    someone hang out with this guy he sounds like a pretty happening person whos lookin for a brosef to blaze with.

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