Who wants to blaze it sunday??

Discussion in 'General' started by Purpleness87, May 15, 2011.

  1. I got mango kush let's go kick it and blaze.. What girl is down?? Hit me up.. I drive
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    sounds legit
  3. Hitting up a forum for girls?

    Try real life. I heard theres a lot of hot chicks on that forum...
  4. Let's take bets on how far he'll drive for pussy.

    I say 150 miles.
  5. I see your 150 and raise you 225
  6. 255 miles, bob
  7. Come down to BC.
  8. 1) HAHAHAHA

    2) Half a million says 300 miles
  9. no guys allowed? what is this? a slumber party?
  10. C'mon!This guy.Ima have to go with 420 for sure.
  11. Damn, for me it would be like 5 miles TOPS.

    Fuck I ain't desperate.
  12. You can come to Jersey and smoke me up. But I have a dick and I don't do guys, is that gonna be a problem?
    You know never mind just send it to me in the mail and maybe well Skype at some point..
  13. More like study for a final Sunday.:yay:
  14. i feel sorry for you.
  15. I say about tree fitty

  16. Lol it was just a joke guys.. Thx to the ppl that joined
  17. Don't want to appear desperate to us internet folks do ya?

  18. [​IMG]

  19. Lol not at all I have my vampire pussy..

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