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who wants a laugh ?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by CL4P-TP, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNf0IYOPzrU]‪Stoney Girl Gardens genetics put to the test!‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    WTF ? I can't set seeds ? LMFAO!!!!!!!!
  2. Can you tell me where the funny part is?
  3. an EULA for a pack of seeds? I find it hilarious.
  4. You can't clone, or reproduce their genetics LMFAO, if I'm paying $100 for 5 fucking seeds I'm gonna F2, F3, F4 and clone the fuck outta any keeper I find. Sorry Stoney Girl, but the price is insane and if i pay it, I'm gonna do whatever the fuck I want with those seeds.

    35, 36 day flowering????? 3-6 oz's per plant???? 33-36% THC...yeah, LMFAO for sure. I have to definately question some of these claims.
  5. I almost can't hardly fucking stand to hear the word phenotype butchered and misused one more time.................
  6. uhh, what the fuck. that's all i have to say. stoney girl is a lieing sack of shit.
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    This woman is unconscionable - I hadn't seen the 'new & improved' packaging that is shown in the video. She's obviously learned the necessary and obligatory marketing lessons from the kids down at Fox Farms on scamming the public.

    Her 'gear' is beyond pitiful. I grew out one of her Afghani strains (supposedly part of her breeding stock). I couldn't believe that this plant had been cloned more than 2 generations from the original seed plant. Some will make the claim that they can live with small(er) yields if the medicinal value is there and I'm pretty much in that camp. Within reason.

    This Afghani is just another feral line from 'somewhere in Central Asia' though I'd be reticent to lay the blame of this POS on the Afghani's given their geo-policital troubles.

    Her other strains are completely worthless like the Pitbull. It's more like a neutered Toy Poodle. Her 'gear' has been passed around for several years at one of the 'organizations' that kiss her ass - God knows the motivation there.

    I just hope that if videos exist showing how it went down that they be held from the public. Oregon has a rather dismal history in the area of releasing 'icky videos' - think Tanya Harding's wedding night - F*cking Yikes!!

    And then there's her potting soil and it's not just that it's joke - no big deal there because there's a lot of tough competition for the 'Sh*tty Soil of The Year' award in the Willamette Valley each year what with interesting entries like Blackjack from the crooks at Americian Ag, the tykes at Aurora Innovations always come through with a few sacks of dirt and of course Sun Gro Horticulture continues to churn out tons and tons of their Black Gold gunk and I certainly wouldn't want to dismiss the contributions by Fox Farms - but her crap is in a class by itself.

    Simply a bale of Sunshine Mix #4 with a a dash of a mediocre commercial dry mix fertilizer and a hi-dose of spittle from the staff. Pretty boring Cupcake!

    And then there's her drivel about hitting your plants with a dose of MiracleGrow to 'kick them a head start' on a couple of her YouTube 'non-animated cartoons' about growing 'da dank' - uh-huh.

    Fun times in River City................

  8. yeah she is now all about the "Portlandamn University" ( or wtf ever it is being called)

    A couple years ago I tried to get their gear for my grows, talk about a pain in the ass ( hint #1).

    They ( I say this cause it is a two person group , husband a wife ) wouldn't let me have their genetics unless I grew under their conditions ( 1K , in a wing hood on 6 foot mover, in their soil.) PLUS I had to give em all the males I found.They would of course give me females from their grows ( not clones, but their F2 and F3 grow outs) in return.

    so .. I still have no idea how their gear grows, and the Cripit I tasted could of been a PPP from Nirvana
  9. Seriously, what's so funny?
  10. Yeah, I see your point, after looking at your grow journal this no longer even cracks a smile.:cool:
  11. cause it is impossible.. as soon a as I put seed into the ground they are mine....to do with as I please. it is the same for everyone . the impossibility of trying to enforce the EULA is good for a chuckle IMHO.

    I just want to know what are they gonna do if someone wins say a Med Cup with a strain that has Cripit ( for example) worked into it ? are they gonna sue ? and if so .. for what ? $$, seeds, parents? The only thing missing is George Carlin ....:eek:

    if you cannot figure it out past that ..maybe this is not your thread to be in.

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    I don't know whether to remain speechless or let out a giant rant about
    how this is wrong in every way....

    My question:

    Don't you think that if someone comes to the point in their life where
    they decide to start growing Cannabis they know enough about the
    plant to call this a scam?

    Like where does a company get off saying 38 day flowering time? I'm not even going to touch the yield or thc claims because this to me is just outrageous... We have been cultivating this plant for thousands of years and never before has the human race found and recorded a Cannabis plant that can flower in less than 40 days.... I have heard of ONE that can mature in under 50... Yet all of their strains mature in 35-38 days!?!?!??!?!?!

    The fact that there is a person out there that actually takes pride in starting up this company blows my mind beyond belief and actually kills a small part of me. This video like actually made me sad.... I'm laughing as I type that because it's funny how much weed means to me, but in all seriousness this is a disgrace.

    It's one thing for someone to be DEAD WRONG, but the breeder of these genetics does not believe what is on his or her own packaging for even a second. When they were creating strains and testing them out we all know they didn't harvest at day 38.... I can't believe that there are evil, lying, money sucking, people like this in the world of Cannabis. It's truly sad. I kind of wanted to think that all stoners were good in a way.... These people are bad people.


  13. Plant patents are a real thing but are federally issued. MJ is federally illegal so I doubt you can get a patent. Clone, seed, improve and sell her shit, there is nothing she can do about that!
  14. I think it's just a marketing ploy. Oh her shit is so good it's patented. LMFAO!
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    Damn, anybody look up he licenses and contracts? Chick must be an ex-lawyer or know a good one. Still won't hold water in an actual legal battle, if it even came to that...

    Plant Patent Act only protects assexual reproduction, if obtained. Used as a breeder there is no protection.
    Requirements for a Plant Patent
  16. The EULA sounds like some monsanto type snizz, Perhaps like monsanto they have a spy line you can call to report your neighbors illegally using genetics they didn't pay for and if your tip is a good one you get a free bomber jacket. Just make sure to spray plenty of that roundup onto your plants and they will increase yeilds and THC content to nearly 99.99% and reduce the bloom to 3-5 nano seconds
  17. Anyone with this weirdos strains should whip up some colloidal silver and crank out the feminized seeds. BWAHAHAHAHA!
  18. Ridiculous! For another laugh, go check out the web site! What a joke. It's so full of cheesey legalese, it gave me a headache. The Attitude gives me UFOs, I'll stick with them.

  19. LOL I would cross and clone the shit outta their genetics just to go against their snooty claims and make them look dumb! U mad stoney girl? like AgMan`s artice that was linked to, and i quote "Note: Once someone has duly bought a plant, no royalties are payable on the crop it may produce. They can also use the seed for growing another crop without further payment of royalties." So suck on it stoney girl.....
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    sounds like genetics that should be avoided, not handed out

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