Who Us The Softest Rapper You Know Besides Drake?

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  1. If Drake if even considered a rapper?
  2. Im cryiiiiinnn,
    in the showuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh
    ^Drake hardes bar
  3. Drake is on top nigga you can't even deny that
  4. Yeah on top for brain dead fucking morons. I understand everyone has different tastes but seriously all that shit just caters for the sheep of society. Old school will never die.
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    I don't hate on any music because all music is liked by someone so there really isn't any "bad" music, imo.
    Although, when I hear shit like drake and rapping in the same sentence......lol. I'd say hip-hop would be a more suitable name for their music. Hip-hoppers....
  6. "started from the bottom, now we here"
    shut the fuck up, you started from degrassi.
  7. chief keef is bitch made 
  8. Tyga or soulja boy who would be scared of those lil fags?

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  9. Tyga, Drake, Chris Brown ect. ect.
    Most of the mainstream acts.
  10. Lol drake raps a lot; his most recent stuff has been more rap-centered than most anything on take care; not sayin I'm a fan but to me he seems like a rapper who dabbles with r&b themes

    I don't really get what you mean by soft rapper though; like soft tone? soft subject matter? "soft" as in physically or mentally weak?
  11. Didn't realize we were talking about music..

    Shit man look at it this way. Being a half black canadian jew on a kids tv show is technically starting from the bottom of the rap game.

    He means that cuz Drake sings and doesn't talk that normal rap shoot stab kill mess he's soft

    I'd call Wayne soft. I wouldn't call Drake soft cuz his r n b/harmonizing shit is his style. Rap fans r fickle
  13. Being hard isn't important any more, Wiz Khalifa proved that. Not that it matters, whether your hard or not ill listen to you if your flow is on point and your lyrics are tight.
  14. Yep, Wiz Khalifa putting these rappers to shame. Just be yourself and get your cheese right.
  15. lol so he thinks everything is gangsta rap and guys iike drake are anomalies? Has he been living under a rock? lol

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