Who u wanna some with ?

Discussion in 'General' started by nyc-smoker, May 14, 2003.

  1. Out of anyone on the site who would u smoke with. Someone u never smoked with or met before. hmmm... i think i would say smokin&tokin she sounds a perfect stoner girl ;-)
  2. i didnt even know smokinntokin was a girl. not that it matters much though. i would smoke with anyone at this site if 1. i knew they werent a narc, 2. they wanted to smoke with me, and 3. they lived within 30 minutes of my place.

  3. I'd have to say Digit. I bet me and him would have a lotta shit to talk about, but i'd toke up wit' all ya if i could.

  4. yea, digit's cool he sound really smart. hey digit if u dont mind my asking how old are you ?
  5. Digit, Cottons, RMJL, Zia, S&T...hell, most of the guys and girls here.
  6. hmmmmmm smokin&tokin, RMJL, Digit (lol), critter, zia, hempress, cottons, switch, toosicks, hailchickenwing (again lol), sensimil, namron, kind of bongish, punkyworld, inferiorwang, samus

    hell everyone but i cant remember shit now so sorry if i missed you out

    i think i did quite well to remember all those eh ???

    god forgot SJ, BH, bud stuffer, smokinokie, sidious, krazihare, hippie john,

  7. I couldn't possibly pick just one person off this site....(even if a gun was held to my head)!!!!! There are so many here that I hold dear to my heart and keep me coming back......I need not name any names because they know who they are!!!! I mean how could anyone possibly choose between all the wonderful people here!!!!!! Maybe one day, I'll have milions of dollars and can have one big smoke-out and all the buds here can come. I know, wishful thinking but hell, a girl can dream now can't she??????? LOL
  8. :( ... no one picked me? ... im crying now... you made grown man sob... *sniff sniff* .... hehe... you probably wouldnt want to smoke with me... im pretty boring... i want to smoke with someone the complete opposite of me for a change... who might that be? who is a crazy fuck?
  9. you prolly wanna smoke with TooSicks, skedastik. And I'd toke with you, tho I'm fairly boring when stoned too. I like to sit back, relax, and mebbe have a deep discussion.

  10. so now your the type of person that'd id like to talk w/... everyone here discussions are "r u stoned" "hell yea" "sweet" ...

  11. LOL, nothin' wrong with those conversations. I have them all the time!

  12. well yea, somtimes conversations like that are a given...

    but other sometimes don't u just yern for more?
  13. true stoned concersation:

    "maan, i'm stoned"

    "I'm stoneder"

    "No way man I'm stonderer"

    "No way dude, I'm way stonederer"

    "did you say something?"


    "Let's play videogames"

    "maaan i'm stoned"

  14. In no particular order Namrom, any of the crazy mad bastards who think too much, RUMJL DEFFINATELEY, 420Girlie just to see whether she dislikes me as much as she lets on, Sensimil, SJ, WOODY WITHOUT A FUCKING DOUBT, Sidious, NUBBSY... shit I'll probably come back and post more.
  15. first up... its gotta be ...

    A mad stoned (sativa) conversation about the horrors of the machine and whatever other mad shit comes to mind over a bong session with toosicks.

    then also theres gotta some heavy chonging done with (in a very rough order - up or down 10-15 possitions)
    *hhhhhhh, (deap breath)*

    Krazihare, rumjil, nubbin (and go for a trip too, as long as he doesnt look like his av), namron, hippiejohn, switch, GanjaCat, zylark, D9THC, woody, superjoint, elementxero, smokinokie, bigpoppa, zia, sensimil, the hempress, critter (all of them ;p ), bud head, kindofbongish (or king if you want to confuse people), amanita, kia, buddhaspatio, zonedude (is he ever gonna come back?), weedboss, (and to keep it interesting no matter what) cottons, ganjamom (already part of the family), stylez, mulli melli (just for starting one of my fave threads @ the city), budstuffer, hatebreeder,

    and i'm sure i've missed at least a dozen others.. but thats the ones just of the top of my head. ... heck.. nearly all you blades... you're all invited to the party of my life... once i got the funds to set it all up and ship you all over here ;)

    oh! mooglekexin, hailchickenwing and all yer tokin buddies :D
  16. you forgot Aurora =0P hehe...

    me, id have to say that everyone here would be cool to smoke with cause hell, were all stoners anyway arent we? lol...also all of the my fellow cali tokers in the city too!
  17. I wanna smoke with everyone...I wanna get in the biggest stoner circle ever in a greeeeen meadow with 100 joints going around and 50 bad ass bongs!!!! :D

    There are people that I'd like to have a one-on-one toking session with but I haven't got the time to name them all and if I did I probably wouldn't.
  18. damn no one mentioned me :(

    im not that lame.. i dont think

  19. Oh snatch call the wambulance and dry your eyes, you know I tolerate you ;)
  20. I'd toke with anyone on the city..

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