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Who took action?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Jan 16, 2004.


Did you take action with this particular issue that I've posted about today?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Fuck that! My thoughts don't matter and I couldn't possibly make a difference!

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    I'm just curious as to who actually went to this thread (link provided above) and sent a fax to try to make some kind of change. I don't see that many people even visit the Legalization forum and I think it's a shame that we don't take advantage of our rights and protest with the available super easy options that are provided to us. We have almost 11,000 members with almost 52% actively posting. That's a hell of a lot of faxes being sent in if we all do it!!!! That's the smell of change if we take advantage of our numbers here!

    I want to know how many actually do anything when it comes to any of the different phases in achieving our end goal which is legalization.

    So, VOTE!!!!

  2. I took action immediately after I read it! Please, everybody take a look! It really only takes a minute to do this, you just enter your name, address, and email address and you're done! GO!
  3. Great pep talk, Sad Panda! If I was giving out prizes today, you'd get the biggest and best one!!!!!!!!! :D
  4. i'd do summit but im over here in britain. whato!

  5. Damn it! :(


    You're off the hook, DoK!!!! Just recruit an American member to do it. LOL!

  6. Thank you! You do great work keeping us all informed on the City. On behalf of all of the activists here, keep doin' what you do and I'll try my best to follow in your footsteps!
  7. Hey RMJL, I posted another topic about this on Recreational Marijuana Use. Hope it helps.
  8. It's due time we fight the nonviolent fight. Bring it on mothafuckas!

  9. I just saw it now, and I just did it.
  10. I TRIED!

    but thats not good enough.

    american policy eventually has an effect right across the globe, shame those of us right across the globe get no say.
  11. You seem to be forgetting that you do have a government of your own Digit, maybe you should start a petition for your government to petition my government's drug laws.
  12. But l did find a local petition to vote in. :D
  13. I read and complied with your orders yesterday Miss Jilly. :)
  14. it took a couple of monutes but im dun and anyone who didnt send a fax should right now because we all need to do our part
  15. My mother is against the legalization of our sweet MaryJane (I know, shame on her...I'm trying to convince her and have made a lot of progress) yet she still called all of her reps yesterday (and pretty much tore them some new holes) and had me send in the fax for her because she was angry about the fact that they are going against freedom of speech while spending $145 million in expressing their own freedom of speech. She thinks that everyone has the right to lobby or to work for a change in our laws. She believes that if those we sent into office don't start standing up for us then we'll eventually lose our right to vote, as well. While she was on the phone, she also chewed them out about the Higher Education Act which takes away federal funding for those wanting to go to college but can't since they might have a small drug charge on their record.

    So, if my mother, who is old, set in her ways and AGAINST the legalization of MaryJane can put some effort into changing this then everyone who is FOR MaryJane surely can do it!

  16. Done!

    I haven't been able to spend as much time at the city as I would like lately but I do try to keep up to date on the legalization forum, and have sent several letters/emails through the NORML site. It is always encouraging to see other people interested in speaking up and making a difference.

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