Who to go with for flavor? (besides tga)

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  1. I'm looking for a breeder that breeds for flavor/scent rather than just yield/potency. Any recomendations?
    I've been thinking about going with dna/reserva privada but I've heard both good and bad things about them as far as flavor goes and I don't really want to take the chance of having some average smelling bud (well, i guess no matter what you always take a chance since all plants are different, and it also depends on growing environment but i want a high chance of getting some unique/great smelling bud...).
    Thank ya

    (completely unrelated but i gotta tell someone, im finally working again!!1!11!9! :hello: )
  2. What kind of flavor? Some people like fruity, and others may like it when it smells, and taste like cat piss.
  3. DJ Short / Dutch Passion BlueBerry, best taste ever IMO :smoke:
  4. Eskobar (breeders choice) @ Sannies seeds. most of his works tends to lean on the Sativa side of things ..but good smoke. They just restocked his fruit strains too, blueberry crosses all from old DJ Short stock.

    DNA's Lemon Skunk is some of the tastiest "Lemon" I have had.

    grats on the job

  5. Most of the time i prefer a fruity/berry/citrus (like actual citrus fruit smell, not like the artificial cleaner citrus scent), but i also like having the option to puff on something that has a very unique (not always pleasant) smell, such as cat piss like you mentioned. I guess im not really looking for anything very specific, but i definitely want to avoid the generic purely skunky/kinda bland tasting bud that you could buy from any dealer.

    Did you grow it out yourself? If so, did you have any issues with the females tryna get freaky with themselves and herm out?
    thanks for the suggestion

    Thanks wharf. Any strains from eskobar you would recomend for high humidity outdoor growth? (i'll probably have a look soon as im done with this reply, but the breeders dont always include mold resistance in the strain description)
  6. Mosca's C99 BX1, and Sagarmatha Bubbleberry are both extremely potent, and flavorful.
    It took me two 10 packs to find a REALLY nice C99 though. The Bubbleberry was one of my favorites, but I didn't keep a cut.
  7. I've grown the Dutch Passion BlueBerry femms quite a few times now and its been amazing everytime, it can be fussy with the nutes but the high is worth the effort IMO. Never seen a hermie with them but some growers don't like them.

    Nerver grown anything from DJ but I've smoked some of the True BlueBerry, it was awesome but I like the indica pheno more. I'd really like to try Original cut from DJ but for now Dutch Passion has been my favorite :smoke:
  8. DJ Short seed stock is very stable and reliable..My buddy has ALL DJ Short strains and the True Blue is my absolute favorite. hands down.. the Flo is a nice sativa dominant strain that resembles a vine when growing and the stem turns a nice deep purple hue.. Great strains, i definitely recommend anything from DJS
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    DNA Lemon Skunk
    anything BOG
    anything DJShort
    Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough.
    Flying Dutchman's Royal Orange.
    Serious Seeds Bubblegum.
    THseeds Bubblegum.
    Apollo-11 love this raspberry stuff, can't find it right now. Can't remember who's either.
    Soma's Reclining Buddha (cherry)
    Soma's NYCD (which isn't NY or a 'real' Diesel, but I love it) smokey, engine parts, rolley high. Like sucking on a grapefruit flavoured carburator. Tasty.
  10. TH Seeds is top notch for taste.
  11. @ Skunk Patronus

    A11 = Bros Grimm :(

    Simon cared for Adam's Bubblegum while he was all butt hurt after he got ripped off( rightfully so, its a really shitty story) , an swore off growing BBG till about 16 months ago. so flip a coin on those.

    good flavorful choices BTW
  12. Didn't Brothers Grimm go under?
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    ^^hence the = :(, and Wharf's obsession with buying seeds.... ^^

    seriously, it's Bro Grimm's fault I am a seed hoarder. It's like a scar on my growing psyche..........

    Ciiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndy !!!!!
  14. Oh man I grew Grimm White Shark back in the day I got from heavens stairway and after they and OG went down I became an obsessive bean collector. I made a bunch of crosses but never kept great notes or packaged them properly for years of storage. Never again will I lose great genetics.
  15. Hey, was going to shoot you a message, if anyone knew it would be you...

    does the 'frost brothers' stuff at Cannazon have any legit claim on the Bros Grim? I see a pineapple c99 f4 and I thought to buy a couple of packs of that one and a few of the spicy c-99.
    It's a place my freinds like to shop, I haven't. I'm still chewing thru old TGA and other stock, but I'd stop long enough to buy some of the Cindy's if they are real.

    What do you think?
  16. cannazon is legit, and you'll get to order faster if you've got a sponsor( membership is still required I believe).

    not sure about what is hot and not over there at the moment. sorry.

    Been busy, and not keeping up as much as I should on genetics ( it's a summer thing).
  17. The DNA lemon skunk tastes like skunky lemon candy. Always gives me the meanest munchies though. Grew it out as fem freebie a few times. Anyone know a source for some regular DNA lemon skunk seeds? Been waiting on the 'Tude to get them back in stock, but its been out for a long while now. To much longer and Ill have to break down and order the fem version.

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