Who to contact for inventing a bong?

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  1. I have a great idea for a bong with features built into it that will explode your mind.. But I have no idea who to approach.. or how to get this started.. Any advice guys?
  2. I remember a thread about a suction cup and string that held your lighter on your bong, the op sold his idea to the Chinese for like 20,000 dollars or something. I don't remember his name but that's the guy you gotta talk to. I'm going to try to find the thread...
  3. bumpity bump goes the thread

  4. I'm almost 100% sure that guy was lying
  5. PM me the info you have
  6. Look through the posts on here, i have defiantly stumbled upon some glass blowers posting on GC.
  7. Ask smileyagent... ^^^
  8. It's always fun seeing people realize they invented something that is widely used already
  9. [quote name='"smilyagent"']

    I'm almost 100% sure that guy was lying[/quote]

    I think chronickatcher was joking lol,

    Either way, that thread was funny as fuck.
  10. Bong ideas are a tough animal to tackle.

    Your best bet would be to draw up a very well made sketch with multiple angles and views, then hit up your local head shop and ask them if they can point you in the direction of a local glassblower. All head shops know some locals, it's where they usually get the majority of their smaller hand pipes, chillums, etc. After you find a glassblower try to arrange a meeting in person and pitch them your idea.

    From there it's hit or miss whether or not they want to try and make a prototype, and then how much time it would take to make it vs. how much the head shops want to pay for it vs how popular it will be (turn around for profit)

    Pipes are not a good investment unless you are a glassblower and don't have to pay a manufacturer. But it would be cool to see some revolutionary technology in the smoking devices.
  11. 2 words guys Steamroller + bubbler= genious new pipe
    Whoever makes it you owe me a quarter

  12. ...like a tokeez?

  13. A dude from Gc made that?
  14. Its been made... Ive seen one on here before, it actually looked pretty cool.
  15. Something like this?

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