Who thinks Pres Bush needs to be bitchslapped?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by nodestiny, Feb 4, 2004.

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  1. he really pisses me off. He is the most ignorant and closed minded person that i have never met!

    Check it, he is going to spend 25 MILLION bux to fund schools with what they need to drug test students. Now, how does this make sense? Schools are crowded all over needing books, better and larger buildings, and much more in funding. So instead, lets make kids piss in cups. YAY.

    And how will this help students get off drugs? It will force more students to drop out!

    Anybody wanna add to the rant?
  2. definately!! he needs to wake the f*ck up!!!:D
    toke on :smoke:
  3. That\'s seriously fucked up. Ive always hated Bush, this just adds to it. Whens the next election anyways? Hopefully the American people will get that motherfucker out of the whitehouse soon.
  4. he needs a good \"mushroom slap\" but he is a idiot and needs to spend less on war and more on schools,medical,and affordable houseing
  5. i bet you if he did shrooms like tomorrow and just relaxed and thought everything through america would be in such a better state of being.
  6. I believe for the most part its the people that are in power on his behalf that are ruining the USA; Ashcroft ect. But still...who would allow Asscroft into office? Oh...that\'s right.. Bush.
  7. in the latest time magazine feb 9, 2004 it reveals that bush admits that he doesn\'t read the newspapers, only watched foxnews and pre-selects reporters. He\'s living in a crazy bubble.
  8. What about the $1.5 BILLION he is spending to promote tradtional marriages? Such a irresponsible waste of money! It actually promotes low-income (ie poor) people to marry! They have already spent $500,000 just \"researching the material they will need to start the project\"

    yea he does need to be slapped

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