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Who the fuck is this pagin me at 5:46 in the mornin?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Aimer, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. I'm here to share an insight story into the weed game. The conclusion i've come to is its not worth it at all, and let me tell you my friends its a waste of time - the next morning when you are sober what do you have to show for it? NOTHING. Don't get me wrong i love smoking and i love chilling and having a good time but I'm here to give you serving kids some knowledge, everyone says weed isnt bad well im here to tell you i've seen both sides. Being jumped in my own house and having all my buddha stolen is enough for me to warn everyone here. You might call me stupid for slippin and maybe i'm a little pissed off at not having the intuition to stop it. When your entire world revolves around the heavenly herb and you are so into the habbit (chronic daily blunts- super bongs rips etc;marijuana) you will eventually hit rock bottom one time or another. I'm seeing a counselor who helps me not smoke as much because its still a habbit which many people cant quit much like cigarettes. I hope some people here read this thread and understand that weed is still bad and bad things are caused by weed. Its hard to see it this way i know i used to think weed was awesome and there was nothing wrong with it. Everyone has their time to experiment and play around but once you become dependant its over- and let me tell you friends its hard to admit it, maybe you just call yourself a pothead. Do you really want to be that someone who serves and ends up in jail or even dead, maybe I could have been shot that night I got jacked - I thank god i was spared. Maybe it wont even be that bad maybe you just failed a drug test for an important job. Theres more to this world than marijuana, I hope this thread helps some lost souls here trying to find their way.

    Aimer :wave:
  2. Solid advice, Aimer. Everything in moderation :)
  3. I've heard this way too much. It can be bad if your NOT responsible. It just sounds like you got in with the wrong crowd. Just smoke a bowl a day and a gram will last u 3 or 4 days man. Like the guy above me said. MODERATION!!!
  4. Ya seems to me like you are blaming weed when weed isnt even at fault, but YOU are, along with society. Do you think, honestly, that if weed was legal that you would have gotten jacked? Or if you didn't get with the wrong crowd that you wouldn't have gotten jacked? Come now... stop blaming a beautiful, natural thing on a person's mistake.

    My guess is you have a lot of problems now, and the only thing that makes sense to you is that weed is causing these things... stop falling under the influence of the brainwashing tyrants. As much as you think you are a "free spirit" you still believe that cannabis, of ALL things, causes these problems... and again I say, it is not a drugs fault, but the person's own mistakes, and he should take responsability for his/her mistakes, and not blame it on something... stop looking for a scapegoat.

    Now, of course, theres still the option that you simply cant handle smoking habitually in your current lifestyle, and as sorry as I am to say it, weed isn't for everyone. We have all seen successful stoners and use that as supporting evidence that cannabis does not ruin lives, but not everyone can smoke often and still succeed, because you let cannabis take over your life, and it should simply be used as an enhancer, because cannabis simply makes life more enjoyable. Getting high shouldn't be the only thing you accomplish in a day. If you find it makes you more tired and you find things harder to do, simply wait and get everything done and wait to smoke as a "treat" after. You CAN adjust your lifestyle to work something so great in, because it can improve almost every aspect of your life.

    Holy shit im rambling... haha.
  5. kinda reminds me of something... you blame marijuana for your problems just like rosie oddonel blames spoons for her being fat and people blame guns for murders. take responibility for your own actions. thats just my opinion maybe you left more info out that would make me change my view but as of now ...
  6. Sounds like you were selling it, which I've heard many people have it happen to (getting the door kicked in and robbed) and I know someone who had it happen twice.

    If this is the case, moderation will not keep them from kickin down the door.
  7. i'm not blaming marijuana for my problems marijuana became MY problem, i'd hate to see it become other peoples.
  8. I love smoking more than you, soooo this thread wasnt easy to explain.
  9. Moderation is definately key, sometimes it takes some huge binging to learn that lesson tho.
  10. Yeah you're right, I got to that point too, nothing good comes out of it, now I smoke occasionally maybe once a week or maybe once a month, depends if I really want to or not.
  11. I dont remember who said it, but...

    "Drugs aren't bad. Drugs are chemical compounds. The only bad thing about drugs is that people use them as excuses to act like a jackass."

    Or something to that effect. Quit yer bitchin and take responsibility for your own life. Just because you allowed pot to supersede more important things in your life doesnt mean everyone else does. GTFO.
  12. solid post. Moderation is key. I agree with what you said when you said "once you become dependent its over". Sometimes you need that sobering moment to tell you that you fucked up
  13. Must have been tough writing this. And I give you props for that. I haven't used for more than a year (seems like it, but it's not) so I keep it to a once a week type thing. Only recently have I gotten more into it now that my parents are away. They come home in a day and I will go back to a once a week thing.
  14. I posted this in another thread, but I thought it was applicable to this conversation.

  15. yea i hear that man, moderation is key. i remember in school kids would always blaze down as fat and as often as they could. but turning into a zombie during the middle of the day is not really that much fun, i save that for night time. and like homeboy said you can make a half 8 last you like a week if you just enjoy the high you have instead of burnin up your sack in a single session. i don't know about you guys but take pride in being a productive stoner. i stay at a nice mellow high for most of the day and i go to work and bust my ass just like anyone else, maybe even more so being as i am in my own little world!
  16. Yea moderation is obviously key...even drinking too much water at once will kill you. Smoking weed everyday isn't bad at all as long as you do it smartly and not before a class or a test or work, etc.
  17. That reminds me, my buddy had a mid term at 5:00pm on 420. You can probably guess how well that went...
  18. exactly what he said.
  19. it's the person not the drug. my wife and i have smoked every single day, typically twice, for i would estimate almost a year and a half. prior to it varied weekly to monthly. We are debt free, have 4 kids, and money in the bank. you can be a responsible individual if you choose to. modify your surroundings and relationships and i'm sure you'll be just fine
  20. Yeah bro, just be responsible with it, and you should be good.

    Hang out with the right crowd too.

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