Who the Anon really are

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    the answer? simple= heres why.

    Anon is a community of fellows with too much time on their hands, no they are not martyrs, or valiant citizens of a sort. actually, quite the opposite. they're terrorists, and deceivers, who base their "mask/avatar" on a hollywood film that inspires patriotism for your country, to kind of conjure that feeling of anarchism, releasing government from its hold and returning the power to we, the people, of theirs audience. they are the actors, and most of you are falling for their show.

    they're LIARS, you wouldnt know it because you're too busy being wowed by what they put up, preaches of idealistic values and freedoms that just sort of inspire you, right? why havent you heard of these people outside the internet? because the internet is their only domain to play their jurisdictions. half the time? they spend all day on comp, photoshopping, making up stories, whoring their name, when they actually have no valid media representation whatsoever. Try it yoursef( google anon= "

    heres my take on the psychology of Anons public appeal.

    ]say they're hiding, right? doesnt that make you want to find them, to learn more? theres no site farther than thy google can see. they use the word "hidden" because it makes them seem exclusive and obscure. and nothing is hidden from the internet. psh.
    2 for the name of your country. they stand for freedom right, and obviously theres gotta be someone preventing them right? for their show, they scapegoat the government which im sure many tokers here feel relatable."we" vs "them" mentality, don't you want to join? dont you feel the same injustice? arent you mad at your gov, wanna join the cause? think again. they're all on the same side.

    they go around the internet, whoring their names by the promise of a more righteous cause, only to stir the publics interest and curiosity. and what did you say killed the cat?

    . citing from, his post on "message from anon", the site he reports is actually a curveball to something else, cybercops post links for you to flock to so they can implant a cookie, or host, or connect ports to your computers ip. but thats beside the point atm.

    They play on peoples desire to believe in something like a new cause, or reform, or a faith. that desire for a cult-like following that lies in all of us.(see:religion) DO NOT FALL FOR IT, its all psychology. all these stories they make on their video editing software, are MEANT to excite you "hopeless teenagers"(see demotiv poster, do you see yourself in it? of course you do. because youre on GC) because you are probably a teenage male, with a herd mentality for using cannabis. and youll likely flock to, whatever seems cool or popular at the time. so they get you enthusiastic about who they are and what they're doing. they lure you subtly into their forums[4chan:p], and thats where the internet walks the fine line of lawful or unlawful territories, to consenting clicks and perverse curiosities.


    who are these bastards? they're cops. the cyber kind. "Anonymous is everywhere. expect us."(even right now, on this site. all the people who are openly, suggestive to anon, and insinuating their prominent reputation is truly something believable) thats the fbi trolling the web, setting you up for bait, waiting for you to take the first step into the world of "anon" and then eventually, infiltrating your comp. "ANON" mostly habitate in 4chan cause that's where they lure your pedo-next-door, and everday people, including hosting webcam chats to get the 17 year old girl to pull up her shirt a little only to then bust HER ass for child pornography, then get the guy watching on the other line, for CP as well.. oh, I did mention they lurk GC, grizmobust?[​IMG]

    (but why, you ask, would cops look here?) Idk Grasscity.

    anyway back to their game, and site stats, hits. hey control the options, the scene, the links, everything on their host sites.4chan/b/etcs. everything you browse, the options between the forums and discussions and picture threads, are being played by their hand.
    they seem to give you a choice, making you feel like youre in control of what you're browsing/orlooking at, but in actuality you are their puppets.
    they leech to your comp after you post in a certain interest thread, and depending on your cookies they suggestively ad illegal sick shit to see if your curiosity would get the most of you. naturally youll go for lesser of the two evils, (how about furries grizmo bust?, or maybe cp than beastiality), they pull you into a dilemma where you are gored wherever you go on that site.

    so yes, they're agents, although not the studly guys in the tuxedos you see on TV. but more of the mere scumbags trolls you see in the streets now, actually you dont even see them. why? because they have NO FACE.(see: anon ad) thats because they hide behind the computer screen, are anon, and don't reveal their real names, or faces. dont you get it?
    they are just like you, too much to do on their hands just surfin the web, only they have an intelligence community and a trollbadge to back them up.




    oops: made an edit. I said TERRORIST, when I clearly meant LIAR. ( you guys just don't know them as well as I do :) )
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    I bet you anonymous will fade away if Paul becomes president! lol

    Face it internet world, Anonymous is a FAD.

    They think well (somewhat) but their solution is a fucking scary answer if you ask me.

    Anonymous trying to run the nation?
    Fuck that shit.

    Bottom line is this:
    Anonymous are cowards, they're the type of people who want the gun to shoot from afar, but NEVER want to actually physically go through with anything.

    If they want to fight, they have to have loss.
  3. :laughing:

    Proof brainwashing of the ignorant citizens is real. Any resistance against the almighty government is cast out as "terrorists"

    You just validated their entire existence

    Ron Paul aint gonna do shit. Hes just a better step in the right direction. He probably wont dig us any deeper than we already are

    I dont know about the group themselves, but hopefully Anonymous as an idea will never die.
  4. You didn't say why they are a terrorist organization.
  5. Basically, saying that anon is terrorist means that you support oppression and aggression. Or in other words, you hate freedom and human rights.

    Wow, you are very radical extremist.

  6. like your avatar is any indication of your disassociation to Anonymous? cop behind the computer screen? give it up will ya.

    may be a great idea in theory, if you're herding people for the common goal, but its not a very rational and clearly thought out solution.

    anarchy is a game the police can beat you at. and thats the cold truth.

    best thing anyone could do? is work it from the inside in, wouldnt you agree anon?
  7. When you work within the system, its not you who changes the system, but the system that will change you.

    Politics is also a game they beat you at. You cant change shit, especially from the inside. Anyone who tries to make waves will be "removed"

    The "inside in" doesnt even make sense
  8. Hey, thanks for correcting me. I really shouldnt have used the word terrorist, being as thats a term that I personally, FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCE, associate themselves with. for those reasons, court will have to wait. see, im still in the process of gathering information on one agent who foolishly constantly gives out keys and cues to his real identity via personal videos on the web. types of carkeys, cars, license plates, homenumbers, street views, little things like that give them away. one step closer to figuring out anon right? one more step to giving the agency he works under what they deserve.
  9. No, you used that term for a reason. A reason you may not realize/

  10. Lulz.

  11. Sounds like a lot of time and money spent on a inevitably worthless cause. This debate is pointless because there is no anonymous movement. We are all anonymous.

    See what I did there?
  12. oh thank you grammar police. submajor/minor in english or are you more proficient in network securities?

    and thats the biggest load I've ever heard, you can change anything if you've accumulated enough "REP" if you get what I mean. building yourself up in an organization, taking part in their activities or "extra curriculars", being part of a team, generally gives you the feasability to express your voice over matters.

    and by threat of being "removed" well that just comes with standing up for what you believe in. ( message of anon, supposeably/ ) and when theres a room full of cowards who turn their cheek to the right, nobody gets "removed" Am I Right or Is it Right? just go ahead and keep quiet, there is only transparency in your definitions of right and wrong. justice and injustice. internet freedom or internet surveillence.
  13. i realize it alright.

    i just gotto levy the jargon, because choice of words wildly depends on the audiences understanding of the context itself. and im assuming, if innoncent people who have never crossed /b/anon/you/ are reading this, it's better to use the safer "liar" term instead.
  14. The latter
    We're talking about the real world, honey. Not your high school student government. They dont work the same way. Unless by "rep" you mean money. You can voice your opinions, sure, but you cant change much. If you fuck with their money, they will make sure you wont do it again. Everything is ran by money, and thats the cold hard truth.

    Im not getting your point here. Are you saying we should turn the other cheek?
    And why should that term be used? Everyone is a liar.
  15. It's quite obviously that you don't know what anon is. Please stop with your bullshit talk specially when you're in a ignorant state.

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    As long as we can agree that your plan to engage the enemy that you just acknowledged exists, is submission.

    Very sad
  17. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSwy412nttI[/ame]

  18. What experience do you have being associated with them, and are you trying to make it your personal mission to stop them or something? I don't see anything anon does as bad, but it's not world changing in anyway either...
  19. the point here is? making out some awesome movement in the name of justice and real liberties, in order to recruit your average internet-goers, who get pulled into your sick little 4chan game from whatever source, where people get slapped with serious, internet offenses, literally "removing" themselves from the grid... that? is sickeningly, wrong, more so than most people would ever imagine going on. people in positions of government, covertly creating these little realms of lies, when they know damn well the world is spun by money, and not by a moral compass. deliberating people on questions of right or wrong, when you know it means no difference, in the seats of power.< thats the lie, that perpetuates all the little babies lies, including the anon movement. its a treasonous act on our own people, and i cant believe how it can just keep on keeping on like this. its just a trap set by DoD, at the expense of the average citizens life, job, family, everything. how can you stand that?

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