Who taught you how to smoke weed?

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  1. Like the title says, who in your life taught you how to smoke weed? Brother, Sister, Friend, etc.

    For me it was my best buddy in Grade 8. We skipped class, bought an eighth for 15 bucks(dealer was having a good day or something :D) and smoked the whole thing in his homemade bong. Good times.
  2. my cousins haha, i was 15 years old on a family vacation, we smoked out of a can :smoking:
  3. i owe it all to my friend andrew that shows me weed like a year ago. then my brother and his friend who soon became my dealer. then my nig robby who showed me how to hit a bowl and drive at the same time, and how to hit a bong. ah and my nig chris who was the school mcgyver, he made a 5 chamber gravity bong, a 5 ft pvc pipe bong, and a bubbler out of a travel size mouth wash bottle.
  4. First time was in 8th grade with a friend eddy and a few others of his. Didn't know them to well, but was walking hoime when I ran into them and they were smoking so I joined for a session. No one really taught me how to smoke though, I kinda just watched and picked it up on my own over all these years.
  5. my friend who used to smoke coached me and my other friends when we first started...the good old days..
  6. My friend Ralph first helped me with my first time, but my other friend Andrew helped me learn pretty much everything else. How to inhale properly, how to act, how to get rid of the smell best. All the basics that you should know. Great guy.
  7. i was 13, older sis and i smoked dro out of a water bottle, bent into an L and melted holes for carb and mouth hole.
  8. one of my good friends almost a year ago. i always wanted to try it but one day he called me up after school and was like yo wanna smoke some weed? it will be awesome and yes it was. i smoke with him almost everyday now haha.
  9. A few of my friends started when they were 15, and I really was the only one who didn't smoke. After a while, just being around them, I naturally started smoking, and picking up their ways.
  10. Damn, I love this thread.

    Alright so the first time I smoked I was drunk ass piss at a party where my friend lived. There was this little group of friends circled up around this guy I had never met before. I saw they were all smoking a blunt and asked to get in on it and that I had never smoked. Well I took about three good hits off of it no problem (smoke ciggs), but didn't feel really different. Later I came up to the guy who's weed it was and told him I didn't feel anything. He packed another bowl with me and we smoked it just the two of us. I definitely felt "something," but I'd say I wasn't high. I just instantly felt wayyy more drunk.

    So a couple of days later I came up to one of my stoner friends after having some beer and asked him if he wanted to smoke. He was down so we went up to his room where he took out a couple of roaches in a pill bottle. I thought that was weird, but he said it'd get us high so I didn't think anything of it. Well we went out back and lit these roaches up and neither of us could stand it. Fucking disgusting, and wasn't really pulling any more smoke.

    So he decided to roll a fresh J and rolled a pretty large cone sized joint. We went out back of this apartment building and sat in the grass smoking this thing and I got soooo fucking stoned. I just remember looking at this streetlight and slowly seeing its aura growing. Then I wigged out a little bit, but it was my friend who helped me out. I saw a deer and ran and hid in a bush out of fear that I was tripping balls, but my friend coaxed me out and convinced everything was alright. Then I rambled on forever like I do when I'm stoned (hence, now) and he videotaped the whole thing while laughing hysterically.
  11. No one taught me. Me and a friend decided we wanted to try it and we found a guy to sell us some and we taught ourselves.
  12. My brother. I was 14 and used a bong. After two hits I was sooooo gone haha. The only thing we ever had in common haha
  13. it all started in 6 grade when i was walking home and decided to take a short cut through the park there i saw a few friends (they were in 8th grade) and they were like you wanna take a hit and i was like wat it that and there like its a joint of the finest so i did...........years later and me and mary jane married and are planning on starting a family. its like when you find your soul mate.
  14. It wasn't any one person...I mostly just figured it out by myself, picking up a lil' bit from everyone.
  15. Ahhh, It was once glorious Friday night at my friend's house after school. We were lounging in her room when all of a sudden, she showed me a small bag of marijuana, about a gram or so from what I can remember. I was in awe, will we smoke it? What will it do? Will I die? I wanted to try this stuff.

    We went to a local Walgreens and purchased a monster which I quickly chugged and handed to her. She fumbled around with the can for a bit and there it was, our piece for the night. we moseyed on down to the local park/basketball courts and toked up behind some trees, the rest was history :smoke:
  16. During lunch one day freshman year I left with a few friends that smoked, we smoked a fat blunt, my first time smoking, I went back to shop and had the time of my life. It had been a daily activity all through high school, and still is.
  17. I kinda learned by myself. I picked up a couple tips here and there.
  18. haha that would have to be with my girlfriends bro outta coke can. phew. haha.
  19. No one really "tuaght" me how to smoke, i just kindof learned from watching and experimenting, GC helped me a lot, i started lurking on here maybe 2 months after my first time, the rest is history.... :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  20. the internets.

    actually, my friend nick showed me how to smoke my first jib.:smoking:

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