Who Supports Marijuana Legalization?

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  1. Politics and Marijuana Legalization
    Support for legalizing marijuana is much lower among Republicans than it is among Democrats or independents. One in five Republicans (21%) say marijuana should be made legal in this country, while 37% of Democrats and 44% of independents share this view.
    When Gallup asked this question in 1973, independents (25%) were at least twice as likely as Democrats or Republicans to support this idea. However, at the time, there were only slight differences in support between Democrats (13%) and Republicans (9%).
    The data also show differences by respondents' self-described political ideology. Twenty-two percent of conservatives feel marijuana should be made legal, compared with 36% of moderates and a majority of liberals (54%).

    Maybe if we elect a ton of liberals and independents into office, cannabis legalization would be much more likely to happen.:)
    Who Supports Marijuana Legalization?
  2. yep.
    the big question is whether Libertarians ID as conservative or liberal? I'm a libertarian who identifies as conservative, since I identify by fiscal means.
    I've known others who identity as liberal, since they go off the social scale.
    but yeah, legalize it and tax the crap out of it.
    if the states want in on it, great. people will vote with their feet.

    simply decriminalization sends mixed messages.
  3. Heavy taxation will lead to a black market. Just sayin'
  4. depends. production is cheap.
    even taxing the hell out of it will put the price of a quarter at about the same price as a fifth of decent rum (us$20-30), which is ideal really, a quarter of mids for about 20-30 bucks.
    average street for a quarter of mids is what? I'm an activist, not a current user, so I have no idea of the current prices.
    i said tax the hell out of it, not liberal Democrat tax it! :)
  5. besides, which is worse, having it legal to own and use with the revenuers going after the black market growers, or our current situation. I know which I'd prefer
  6. Obviously the former, but I'm not going to buy legally just so I can brag. If it's cheaper for me to get good bud illegally, then that is what I'm going to do (at least for my own personal stash). I may even grow (illegally if i have to :eek:) once I have a secure place to do it.

  7. I don't know man, alcohol is heavily taxed along with tobacco and people still buy it. I don't know anyone that buys black market alcohol or black market tobacco. Well, some convenient stores buy black market cigarettes and sell them.

    The Underground Economy « Black Smoke: NYC

    But the people who buy the cigarettes don't know that the convenient store owners bought the cigarettes on the black market, they just know that it is cheaper than the other convenient stores. Either way, having cannabis legal is a good thing no matter how you slice it. If legalization of cannabis has the same legal rules as tobacco, than we can grow our own cannabis just like you can grow your own tobacco. Or how you can brew your own alcohol.
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    I've bought both tobacco and alcohol illegally. I've even sold alcohol and tobacco illegally. Black market = an illegal market. You didn't drink or smoke a cigarette before you were legally allowed to?

    Taxing something to the point where it's no longer cheaper/easier to buy it in a store (legally) means that people are probably going to create a black market. I'm not trying to argue against cannabis legalization. Prohibition drives the price up more than any reasonable amount of taxation, but I just wanted to point out that heavy taxation/regulation can lead to the creation of a black market.
  9. Here's what is important: the President. He appoints and directs the Attorney General / DOJ. Who is under the DOJ? Oh I dunno...just a little operation known as the DEA.

    Republican Presidential Candidates who are for federal marijuana legalization:
    1- Ron Paul
    2- Gary Johnson

    Democrat Presidential Candidates who are for federal marijuana legalization:

  10. Yeah I drank and smoked cigarettes before I was legally allowed to, but I didn't pay for it. I usually drink my parent's alcohol or I bummed a cigarette off someone I knew who smoked, or when I was really desperate, I just smoke the unfinished cigarette buds that were littered in the street.(I'm glad I quit)

    But yeah, I know what you mean about too much taxation leading to a black market, but the major of people are still going to buy the legal way and pay the tax. And when it come to cannabis, you can grow it, just like you can grow tobacco or brew alcohol, unless on the off chance that someone puts some loophole in the legalization bill that makes it illegal to grow cannabis,which would be ridiculous. Why would medical marijuana patients be allowed to grow, but if nation wide legalization happens, people can't grow anymore? It would make no sense:laughing:

  11. I don't know, I'm pretty sure it would take all 3 branches of government, The House of Representatives, The Senate and The President, to pass a law to make cannabis legal. What would be the point changing the head of the DEA if the best solution would be to legalize all drugs, which I believe Ron Paul wants to do. Might as well get rid of the DEA altogether if we did that.:laughing:
  12. Well, with an executive order you could end the "War on Drugs". BUT, Ron Paul being Ron Paul I know he won't use an Executive Order...he doesn't believe in them or signing statements.

    SO, he appoints an Attorney General who understands the Constitution and the proper role of the Federal Government as per the 9th and 10th amendments. That Atty Gen could not pursue marijuana "crimes" and direct the DEA to do the same. Moreover, Ron Paul has stated that he would pardon every non-violent federal drug offender.

    That would be huge. Then he just needs to persuade the public which in turn persuades Congress. IF a bill comes out to re-legalize marijuana at the Federal level, Ron Paul (or Gary Johnson) would sign it. Nullification works and is working, hence the largest amount of marijuana users probably ever in this country. He could use the courts to challenge the Constitutionality of the law and many many many others as well.

    Just because I'm that guy, the 3 branches of government are judicial, legislative, and executive.

    You're absolutely right. The DEA would be one of many Federal agencies on the chopping block because there is no Constitutional Authority for it. :smoke:
  13. Not so much legalization as decriminalization!!
  14. bullshit poll. most people who identify as "republican" really mean "christo facist" true republicanism is as hard to find as a virgin in a brothel

  15. Sorry, but fuck decriminalization. As someone else stated earlier in this thread it sends mixed messages.

  16. well how about "no opinion"?? why does the federal government even have a say on what we put in our bodies??? why do they have a say on whom we can and can't marry?? in fact why do they have an opinion at all on how we live our lives??

    i say fuck off. it is not their place to either condemn or approve anything that any adult willingly participates in.

  17. I completely agree!
  18. True
    However, many states, including my own NC, are using Federal criminal status as an excuse for not legalizing mmj or straight up recreational use. If decriminalized, the lobbies currently keeping the bills down can still have ammunition; wood pulp paper is a BIG industry in NC, as is cotton and pharma.
    Federal decriminalization is a good start and I'm behind it since we have to start somewhere, but it still sends mixed messages.
  19. libertarian socialists arent in that poll... :smoke:

    im for it

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