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  1. do you guy still call your bud differnet names like: og kush, ak 47, white widow, ect. where i live we just call them bangings and thats it. the only way if we know if its good is by the look, fell, smell. cause half the time people lie to make it sound good. any one out there think calling bud names is just kinda dumb.
  2. yaaa after a while, it just becomes weed lol.
    unless im fuckin wit someone who actually grows or to the dispensaries (but they lie too), ya digg? cuz ppl lie and talk out there ass to sound cool. its just weed, bro.
  3. exactly
  4. but i know Kush when i smell Kush. n!ggas cant get that by me.
  5. if im sure it is wat it is then yeah. but i see that mostly youngings do that. 15yr olds
  6. Everyone just calls it KB(Kind Bud),Or Shwag that ive heard so far here in austin.Im sure dealers call it a specific strain though.If someone asks what kinda green i have i just say some dank.
  7. There are actual genetic strains with names. They have names because they are all different from each other.

    Kids who make up names are immature, no room for that shit.
  8. If me and my mates know for sure what we have then yeah i.e. the last bit we knew what we had was NL#5. if its someone in our small city who has grown it themselves but we dont know the strain we call it homegrown anything else we call smoke, puff, blaze or bud i think it depends who im talking to and what they call it lol ive never really thought about it.
  9. Smoke it. If you like the effects it's good.

    If you're looking for certain traits read reviews of the strain or pheno and look at it's lineage. If it suits you give it a try.

    Names definitely have a place as long as the cuts/seeds are legitimate.
  10. the other day my buddy picked up an eight and we were like yo what is that. he said Mr. Happy Face lol good times
  11. its either weed or smoke.
  12. yeah dealers always hand me bags and are like "yo this is some Spanish medical colt 45 black jesus piff" or some shit and I ALWAYS say the same thing...

    Oh yea..? ..Thanks man.

    Although I adimit "Alaskan Thunderfuck" is an awsome name for weed lmao
  13. i think it should be named if its a well know strain like white widow og kush sour diesel. other stoopid shit shouldnt even be mentioned unless you wanna get slapped. im not gonna go around making up a stupid name like korean baby poo just to get more customers
  14. but even then you don't know what kinda strain it is, and chances are the guy u got it from doesn't know either. And chances are the guy HE got it from don't know either, unless he grew it, in which case HE might not know either if he just picked the seeds out of a bag.

    Unless it's some hardcore grower or they got the seeds from a legit source, I say most names are bullspit
  15. nope around here the names are real and i can usally get clones
  16. Yeah NW might be different. Im on long island i hav no idea where the bud comes from. You'd think the city but everything past queens is reggies. It's like we fish up all the dank from th ocean

  17. this is true some dispensaries get told they have og, but at the same time they dont really know for sure. all i can say is i know for dam sure my urkle,ecsd,and chemdawg are real. i have never seen anyone with bud even close to this where i live. im so glad i dont have too buy off the streets anymore.
  18. i can tell you right now the nw is a little different but not to much. unless your growing it yourself dont expect to get wat your being told your getting. i used to live in chicago a couple years back and the area was flooded with reggies/stress. once in a while kush and diesel would come in idk from where probably la
  19. I think in our heart of hearts, none of us really care if we're smoking on Reggie bush or otherwise. As long as it can zone me and have me in the matrix i'm cool. I don't have time to sort through different bud cause 9 times outta 10 it really doesn't make a difference.

    Just give me more than 25% thc and we good.
  20. I burn playlists and trade them to one of my dealers for weed lol.

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