Who started the war?

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Who started the war on freedom? Who sent Osama Bin Laden off to start a jihad?

  1. [url=http://www.msnbc.com/news/190144.asp]He did himself. Osama Bin Laden[/url] [url=http://emperor

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  2. [url=http://www.islam-message.com/]Allah[/url]

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  3. [url=http://www.presidentmoron.com]George Moron Bush[/url] [url=http://forum.grasscity.com/showthrea

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  4. [url=http://www.fff.org/freedom/0699d.asp]Clinton[/url] [url=http://www.cwfa.org/articles/949/CWA/fa

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  5. [url=http://www.newamericancentury.org/statementofprinciples.htm]The members of the P.N.A.C.[/url]

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  6. [url=http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/bones.htm]The Members of Skull & Bones[/url] [url=http://isuis

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  7. [url=http://static.elibrary.com/n/newstatesmanampsociety/january051996/whyimstayingputconservativeme

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  8. [url=http://www.torah.org/learning/dvartorah/5762/behar.html]Jews[/url]

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  9. [url=http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=21098]Nazis[/url]

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  10. [url=http://news.bbc.co.uk/vote2001/hi/english/talking_point/newsid_1369000/1369701.stm]The Apatheti

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    heh... i\'ve recently spotted conspiracy theorists who think Osama doesnt even exist. :rolleyes: bit too far fetched for me to swallow, especially in light of absolutely no evidence presented to that effect.

    I have provided links for each option incase you are unfamiliar with any of the people or terms, or if you just want to read more about any of the topics. I have tried to select as interesting links as possable (and avoided 29 page pdf files), though some are better than others, and some are more bias than others.


    the pollmaster is back. :D
  2. its kind of obvious, that for oil, dumbush started this warifuss.
  3. yeah, alot of people are going to think that.

    however.... you clearly realise that bush is DUMB. what makes you think then that he has the inteligence to orcastrate such a complex war on our freedom?

    btw.... the question is not who started the war in iraq. this IS a World War, whether people realise it or not. Iraq is just one piece of the bigger picture.

  4. Now THATS a damn good question. lol

    Well, I voted before I read this. I voted for who I believe is most responsible for the war in Iraq. This is FAR from a World War. But I am willing to listen to you if you\'d like to explain why it is you think this is a World War.

    I chose the last option.
  5. why cant people read the question? its right there above the options.

    world war.

    its not, at least, not in the sence of the first two. it is a world war in the same sence that people called the cold war a world war. the whole world is effected. and also... the way shit is going, without some swift and major change in the other direction, this will become a world war, or they\'ll win and we\'ll have no freedom before you can say Nineteen Eighty Four. :D
  6. Well, in the sense that the World is effected, then yeah I guess. But thats still not a real World War.
  7. There is a war and those of us in the U.S. are losing our freedom. It would\'ve happened eventually but today it is all brought to you by George W. Bush.
  8. to me it seems like bush has made a few real bad decisions and he shud not have gone through with all that weapons of mass destruction propoganda...... i duno i just hope it all ends soon and the world can have a little peace
  9. You guys obviously under-estimate Bush\'s intelligence and political savvy. He may do and say dumb things, but that doesnt mean he hasn\'t put a damn good load of thought into those things. Him and his administration have done a damn good job at fooling this country. Not one of you can deny that. You can\'t tell me that it\'s a 1 in however-many-billion freak occurance that a bunch of fools (one in particular) gained power in office and fooled a nation\'s people. The people that are in the whitehouse are probably some of the smartest, dirty rotten scoundrals that have set foot in that office. Seems to be the case with every new Republican President. Reagan sucked, Bush Sr. was worse, now theres Bush Jr. whom is even worse.

    Also, how could you put Allah without putting Satan?

  10. and that includes us residing in the hidden states of america.

    everyone seems intent on blaiming the patsy.
    falling right into their hands guys. Bush is the fall guy.
  11. Bush is not at fault. WE are responsible for our loss of freedom. WE ALLOWED them to take it away, and we continue to do so. I\'ve been saying this for years. But nobody wants to take charge and fight. Too comfortable I guess. And when I say \"fight,\" I mean actual fighting. Not protesting. That accomplishes NOTHING. Protesting is bullshit. If you want results, you have to get your hands dirty. If that means picking up a rifle and wasting some important people, then thats what it\'ll take. But don\'t go blaming the president for the general population\'s lack of balls.
  12. how can you have 50/50 on a poll with 10 options?
  13. actually the polls are in kerry\'s favor recently.
  14. both Kerry and Bush are members of the Skull & Bones. i fear he will be yet another puppet to larger forces.

    here\'s a great link... http://www.theyrule.net/2004/tr2.php
    its great fun to play around with.

  15. I just spent a good hour playing with that, so many connections
  16. gods start wars silly....................

    It is why men created them !
  17. I dunno, Bush went to Yale University. Did anyone here go to Yale? Sure he makes up words and whatnot, but he is smarter than you think Digit. I dunno if it was all connections that got him into Yale, I\'m sure he needed the grades too. You can see here ( http://www.georgewbush.org/bios/yale-transcript.asp ) that he did okay while there atleast.

    Digit, I must say you sound somewhat foolish when you state that Bush \"sent Osama Bin Laden off to start a Jihad.\" They were planning 9/11 for a long time before Bush took office, and obviosuly terror groups in the region like Al-Quida etc have been around for a while, hating the US\' policies. Besides, OSAMA is the catalyst that set off OSAMA to try and start some sort of Jihad.

    EDIT: \"The War on Freedom\" sounds stupid, too.
  18. *Clears throat nervously*
    Well, I have something to um...uh...- confess. I started the war.

  19. He went on the Legacy program, meaning his dad went there so he can too, and I didnt look at your link but he was aC student in highschool to my knowledge I am a A and B student and their is no why I can go to Yale. But I could be wrong.

  20. woops... i thought i replied to this ages ago. apparantly not.

    i must say you sound somewhat foolish when you say that i stated things when i did no such thing. go read what i\'ve been saying again before you attempt to discredit me in such ways.

    oh, it might sound stupid, but that doesnt mean it isnt happening.

    read through these links at your own leisure just incase you dont believe it:
    Victory Act and the infamous Patriot Act
    and its not just happening in the USA:
    Terrorist Act 2000 and the more recent and frightening Civil Contingencies Bill, i\'m quite certain many nations have been upto similar. we wouldnt want to upset the giant... we better comply and conform.

    or perhaps better yet, do a search on these to find some analysis of them for quicker easier reading. it takes a while and will leave your head in a spin to actually read through the legal lingo.

    and then, i\'d like anyone who\'s read them to come back and say with a straight face that they are just as free as they were before these were brought into action.

    now i gotta go read what illcid has been upto... looks fun. :D

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