Who smokes vs. who doesn't.

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    But I have to know...

    Who out there, for whatever reason, doesn't smoke?

    Hello either way, blades.


    I want to put a picture of pickup I got today on here, but I understand that you all may not want to see... I'll put it in the Rec section. Later blades!

    :smoke: :wave:
  2. so are the cops the ones that are supposed to answer no to this poll or what?
  3. I'm thinking at least 1 person doesn't smoke out there.

    This is confidential, anyway.:cool:
  4. isn't it 5am over there in 'bama?
  5. Ten-till, yes.
  6. i am SO confused..

    isnt this GrassCity, a stoner forum?

    who on here WOULDNT smoke? :laughing:
  7. People curious to the art of smoking. Some 'folks are afraid of it.
  8. I don't really smoke, today was the first time in a long while. Im on probation otherwise I would smoke.
  9. I decided that I dont smoke either.
  10. I don't smoke at the moment.
  11. I smoke... just not as much as my usual. for medical reasons.
  12. I'm not smoking right now...
  13. sadly ive only been smoking about once a week lately due to problems finding anything but schwag
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    i dont smoke. i stopped smoking since the last time i smoked.
  15. It's not really for me... I just spend half my life on grasscity trying to prove all the fools wrong!
  16. I quit a few months back after it fucked with my head. I come on to view general chat, real life stories and pandoras box :D
  17. I have a feeling the people who answered no to this poll are liars. :)

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