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who smokes joints with filters

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. the subject says it all who does? Is it another european thing? Cause ive never tired it and well i tried to make a "Filter" but i smoked a tobacco joint (first and last time) lol and i dont use filters but i really dont know how to roll them so that could be a problem.
  2. by mean roach? i guess it's a sort of european thing, means roll a bit of card place in the end of your spliff. Just stops you getting a mouth full of crap and stops your lips from burning! lol
  3. it really isnt european because i do it every time and so do some of my buddies.
  4. yeh using a roach is something ive been recently turned on to. it really does help to give you a smoother hit and allows you to get that last hit without getting burned or inhaling some ash. I just roll up a small piece of heavy paper and roll the joint with it in the tip. as for using a filter as in cigarettes, i would never try that, ive heard that it blocks some thc
  5. it makes the joint so much nicer
  6. I think its a european thing cause went i went there this summer my cousins would put that card piece at the end of the joint and he would also say it was a filter. Every since i got back to america i've been doing that on my joints also.
  7. A spliff without a roach is like pizza without cheese.

    For those unfamiliar with the technique - just cut a small rectangle of rizla packet and roll it into a cylinder (no need to stick). Place it at one end of the joint, fill the rest with weed and roll around the roach/mix.

    It makes the joint much easier to roll, stops shit flying down your throat and makes it possible to smoke every last crumb of weed in the spliff.
  8. Hmm, well I don't use a filter on any of my joints. I have a nice little roach clip that looks like a key, so I can suck down all the joint without having to worry about getting burned. It's a tool that no stoner should be without IMHO.
  9. yeah, i only use a roach with a joint, but blunts only get straight use from me....
  10. well the roach is allways done here in Scotland as well....a bit of a business card...not too thick....length approx 20-25mm and approx 10-15mm wide rolled or zig zagged and inserted after the joint is rolled and the other end has been twisted, this is mainly due to the fact that it's hash here most of the time and very unpleasant and downright painfull to get a rocky in you're out...Sid
  11. who can afford to smoke a joint, 1st of all, and then to loose part of thc to a filter?
    my bud is to precious to waste, and I don't want to smoke paper, even hemp paper. years of being broke and conserving weed have led me to believe a clean glass pipe is only way to smoke, I can get clobbered 4 times with the same weed in 1 joint, by applying very quick burst of fire to the bowl, taking small tokes and inhaling smoke from bowl[trapped in hand] as part of toke. after smoking good bud for a few days, I get to smoke the leftovers from pipe stem[please don't tell me it want get you high, i been getting glass-eyed for 35 yrs on cleanings].
    i'll still smoke a joint if it's your pot, but we gonna smoke mine in a bowl.
  12. personally i only smoke from my bongs....i burn and then cover the top and the bowl....don't lose any smoke that way and yes i too can get wasted on less hash than my mates this way.....Peace out...Sid
  13. hell yeah use a roach
    sometimes for true occassions, the roach will be about half the rizla...makes the weed sooooo much smoother, and as u dont cough any of it out, it aint no waste at all...

    its just a hollow cylinder, so aint really a filter, just a long gap between the end of the weed, and your lips, a very cool hit.
  14. yeah no crap in your mouth thats the way i do it
  15. hi!

    i'm from europe (germany) and usually we smoke joints with filter, but this filters are called "Tips" (in germany). it is just a rolled up bit of paper. it has the effect the you won't have tobacco or weed in your mouth will smoking the joint.
  16. can some one show me how the europeans or english roll ther joints

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