Who smokes in their shed?

Discussion in 'General' started by shap1, May 25, 2009.

  1. Im only a senior in high school and i live at home. the perfect place to smoke whenever i want is in my shed cuz nobody ever goes in there and it has lawnmowers and shit in it that always cover up the weed smoke... anyone else smoke in their shed?
  2. I grew in my shed :D
  3. I smoke in my shed when I don't have any febreeze for my room.
  4. I smoke in my shed whenever my dad isn't home during the day, when he's out at night I smoke on my back deck, and any other time when he's home I smoke in my room
  5. i would if we had one
  6. ive had to smoke in a shed a few times. its not the greatest but it does the job. i much prefer the couch, my balcony, or the park.
  7. Hah, I personally don't but my dad used to blaze that shit up every day in there :p.
  8. When I'm at my parents house I do. At my place I would just light up anywhere, any time.

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