Who smoked for the first time alone?

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  1. My first experience with weed was on the shore of a local lake, in the woods alone. It was a little bit more then a year ago that i decided to try smoking the herb. I bought a pipe from a local shop and knew this kid from school who dealt, so i bought a bag from him. When my dad and brother left for the day, I decided I'd go down to the lake and give it a shot. I ripped up a bud and took the seeds out, yeah it was mids, and packed my first bowl. I coughed so much the first time it was crazy. I didnt even finish the bowl. Then I came back 2 hours later, with alot of water, and that was the first time I got high. I looked up at the sky stared at the clouds, then checked out the trees swaying in the wind. When I got back to the house I sat on the couch for the rest of the day watching tv and eating munchies.

    So I ask the people of grasscity, were you alone the first time you smoked/got high. Am I kinda unique in that aspect?
  2. my first time was no where near as thought out, it just happened completely unplanned. was a tight-ass about drugs at the time, so the only way it could happen did - when i was drunk at a party. didnt smoke by myself for about 10 months.
  3. first time bought a gram from a guy at school, rolled a tin foil pipe and smoked a bowl. thought i got ripped off cause i didn't feel anything. went inside, got on the comp...bam! couldn't hold my head up. it was great. glad i did it alone, kinda like i got the full experience cause i didn't have any preconceived notion of what would happen.
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    I DID IT with a few of my best friends with me.

    They had done it before and they told me that i wouldn't get high, so i remember being ONLY paranoid, no other part of the high.

    Oh, and by the way, for the 3 years before i started, i was always around my brother an his friends, and they casually smoked a bowl after a party or something, and it was so cool to see them and how they chilled, so i started with him my second time, which was the first time i felt the thc. God, was i fucked up.. It was trippy and euphoric, yet not too intoxicating.

    I knew HOW to smoke before i did, an i knew slang, i even packed a bowl for my brother before a few times.

    Also, i remember looking at a bag of weed the first time i saw it, and thinking, it smells so delicious, why is it illegal?! This notion made me think of the bag as it had some sort of powers for being chosen to hold on to the weed, and that if anyone ever caught a glimpse of my friends and us sitting or anything, then it would be sheer hell.

    Obviously, now i see that a bag is just a bag, and weed is weed. no need to be illegal, but still it is so abstractly deliciously amazing i love it so so much.
  5. HAHA, yea i was alone too. One of my friends had came in to my room bragging about this purp he had. Being curious i bought some, and having a bowl already for no apprent reason lol. I waited later on that night, went to the park and sparked it up. It was pretty much just me and nature at that point. Cae back to my room with the biggest grin :D. I felt like i was floating. It was a good first time if i do say so myself.
  6. yah i found my pops stash and i smoked out of a can when i had the house to myself. so fucking high omg i was like 12 and i didnt do it again till 14
  7. Spaz did.

    The first time I smoked, I smoked with a group of people. Sounds contradictory, but I didn't get high.

    I had rolled joints for some of the older dudes ( who'd eventually get me into the game and shit).

    So i rolled myself a joint, and went for a walk at night. You see why I love the night so much?

    I walked around parks and shit alone, smoking the joint. I had such a deep interest in things, Weed pushed my writing skills far beyond what they originally were, and that's when I was 11...

    Been smoking and writing since.
  8. i wanted to try it so got a small matchbox with a single nug in it from a friend and smoked in my front yard by myself out a tin can. i had absolutely no idea what was going on and couldnt understand why i couldnt focus on any 1 object very fun first time was blazed for the whole day
  9. nice experience

    but i got smoke out my first 5 or 6 times

    shit i was laughing my ass off every time
  10. i was alone as well
    i bought about 3 "grams" from this kid in my grade. he ripped me off so badly, it was about 1.2 grams for 50 bucks. i didnt give a shit, i had some weed haha
    i came home, cut the bottom of a typical water bottle and tried lighting a whole nug with matches in my side yard. somehow it worked and i got a little smoke. i came in to watch tv and i melted into the couch. it was nice being high alone, it gave me a good perspective on weed
  11. My 1st time was when I was alone at home. I didn't get high.
  12. First 4 times I tried to get high I was with people. First time I got stoned, fifth attempt was with two buddies and I was anialated. Best feeling ever, I wish I could still get as high as I did that first time.
  13. yeah i smoked my first time alone and didnt really get high. but i didnt know too much at the time anyway.
  14. thnx for sharing, i was surprised to see how many other people smoked alone for their first time
  15. my first time wasnt by myself... but i did get high... not blazed...

    but right after we went to jewel and i was driving and i swear to you it took 30 mins to get there... and its a 5 min drive... i kept looking at the spedometer and it said 25-30 so i know i was going the speed.... signs took FOREVER to get to..

    fucking awesome lmao
  16. My 1st time was when i had leftovers from a pickup that i've been smoking with mates or that my mates have left at mine, I do love blazing on my own high wanks are amazing tbh...
  17. First time for me on my own was when I was playing Bomberman on a PS1 (that's how long ago it was) and I thought "how awesome would it be to play this stoned". I was meant to keep the weed I had to smoke the next day with my friends, but at the time I didn't give a shit. I rolled one up, hung out the window and played that bitch like it's never been played before.

    My advice, play Bomberman when blazed. It's awesome.

    p.s. high wanks? Try high sex.
  18. smoked for the first time by myself through an apple. didn't get really high though.

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