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who says stoners are stupid?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rollanotherone, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. just thought i'd let everyone know i just found out today i got a 105% on my chemistry final i took (extremely stoned) last thursday. take that government, DARE, truth, and the general media :smoking:
  2. Congrats. I never took Chemistry.
  3. it just pisses me off that anyone who smokes has this label from society that we're all fucking retarded. some of the most thoughtful, intelligent, radically thinking individuals i've ever met in my life are stoners. some of them may not be school smart, but they're definitely not stupid.

    it also pisses me off that when someone's a complete idiot and smokes pot, the pot is blamed, not the person.
  4. I figure I take the test high.. I get high scores!!
  5. I think it's because lots of the people that smoke are stupid, they give ganja a bad name.

  6. right on, brother!
  7. normally i super flunk m algebra 2 tests in high school and one day i took one super stoned and got 98 outs 100 and morally i get 30s:D
  8. Definitely not bragging or anything, but I smoke and have a 4.0. Does the government care about that? Of course not. All they focus on is the negatives.
  9. The government does!
  10. people that have never smoked weed say stoners are stupid...ironic huh
  11. dude, i feel you. i'm smart as fuck. i'm a biological sciences major, pre-physical therapy packing a 3.7 GPA headed into my senior year. all under the influence of the sweet ganja.
  12. I have an IQ of like 136 and I smoke everyday.
  13. Stupid people tend to smoke weed.

    Herein lies the problem.
  14. QFT

    I saw on the O'Reily Factor a study shows that D students use marijuana more than A students. He was trying to say that smoking makes you get bad grades when really, D students are more likely to use illegal drugs.

  15. yeah, i've held a 4.0 the past three years in both high school and college (i'm part of a PSEOP program, "early college" where i take classes at my local comm. college), and a 3.7 accumulative, and that's only because i fucked up majorly freshman year by skipping a total of 89 days :eek:
  16. why go to high school

    when i can go to school high?

    forreal though, after being on probation etc etc. i dont ever want to go to school high or anything stupid again lol
  17. idiots who know no better thats who. I love the sterotype, it lets me move freely through society as a university educated guy with a 145 IQ, albiet very dyslexic. I dont fit the "sterotype" so no one ever DT's me even though i smoke daily, lol
  18. What chem was it? Trying studying Ochecm and taking the test high.

    BTW, where do you live in Ohio, I'm from Cleveland and OU.
  19. Ya i got an A in chemistry honors. I dont smoke before school though because i dont like the risk. Stoner is a term that indicates stupidity. If someone calls me that i tell em to fuck off. i smoke the cannaa

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