Who runs?

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. I run about five or six miles every other day- not exactly marathon running but it keeps me more or less fit. Does anyone else run often and how far? Whoa- that thread was more serious than I am used to- I need to sit down and have a drink... ok its only 1030 am- too early for a drink.
  2. can you at least lie? come on- throw me a frikin bone here. or a sack of weed would be better.
  3. i run like forrest gump
  4. I used to run cross country in high school. It kept my endurance up for wrestling. Now I don't ever feel like running anymore, but I play racquet ball and stuff to stay in shape.
  5. I used to run and high jump in high school, but it's bad for my knees and shins and...WAAAH! I'M GETTING SOOOO OLD!
    Now I just mountain bike about 10 miles a week - wish I could do more but someone's got to watch the kids. In fact, the kids are in school, I'm not working this week, and I'm gonna go put on my fancy lycra shorts, flashy sports bra, and go whoop it up on a killer ride in the forest (of course, I always bring my handy stash with me to partake of when I am as far back as I'm going on the trail.
  6. im super fast..i dont run a lot though, but when i want to i can.. :p
  7. i run... but usually through the woods :D, it is truely exilerating things just keep popping out of nowhere, you are constantly dodging, jumping, ducking, swingning around trees, and hoping you don't bite it to bad when you mess up. but there is nothing else like it.
  8. nope, i dont run, im to lazy... if i need to like when i play paintball i can, cause thats fun for me, and i get a lot of excersice at work

  9. yea.... me tooo.... usually from the police though after parties or what not.... run like hell hide the shit and bounceeeeeee.....lol

    but no, i trrryyyyyyyy to run.....

    i try to do a half a mile or so on the beach evcery few days just for cardio... i've been lazy about it though....:(

    running on the beach is the best, 5x times the work out in half the distance... if you haven't you should really try it...
  10. sure I've had the runs before....
  11. Hellyeah Julie, nothin' like goin'out for a ride and gettin' blazed!

    When I'm not riding (which is whenever my bike is busted like it is now) i try to get out and do some Parkour so i can stay in shape and not lose snap, either that or i skate but i never just go out runnin' for distance just cause it seems kinda pointless to me. I go trail jogging and go do Parkour up in the mountians tho,,,

    Damn i wanna ride but my bike's dead right now, i killed my rims and i think i blew out the damping valve my susp fork and also i bent my rigid fork, so i gotta wait till next month to order some new rims and a hardcore rigid fork. When my bike isn't broke tho i put in sometimes over 50 hours a week of straight up hardcore ridin'

  12. I ride my bicycle at our Riverwalk...16 miles total, i odo'd 27 miles in a usual run, with my extended trails and what not...so i ride 27 miles every 3 or 4 days
    Peace WG
  13. can any of you people who run read my post "ive been trying to figure this out for a while..." And offer input... Thanks

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