who rules america?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Vitamin 420, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. I just came across this link, thought it was pretty interesting:

    Who RulesAmerica

    I wonder when we can all stop pretending that we're living in anything but a medieval society that has some cool gadgets and handy machinery.
  2. The strong and powerful run things...always have and always will. Did you think otherwise?

    Strong and powerful means money/politics in "civilized society".
  3. Special interests, who pay the Government to legislate in their favor. We're a corporatist country.
  4. not the people thats for sure.

  5. exactly! people need to stop thinking that 'civilization' means ipods and facebook.
  6. financial oligarchs and their appointed technocrats, so basically psychopaths and control freaks
  7. As much as I love my iPod, I completely agree.

    Americans still believe we're all middle class, the middle class is tiny compared to the working class.

    Chances are that 80% of the people on GC are working class.

    There will always be social hierarchies no matter how incredibly nasty they are.
  8. The idea of a working class hero. The people on top of the hill.
  9. The people will never be on top of the hill. Communism doesn't work, REAL Democracy doesn't work.

    We'll always have people that try to take power.
  10. I didn't really want to accept the man behind the curtains as the runner of the show, because of the grave implications that it inherently comes with him. But it's more obvious than daylight now, I'm wondering how it's possible for someone to box themselves up in an artificial womb of absolute denial. It's mind-boggling that we're split on this issue over the tiniest of reasons and arguments. It's like arguing the hue or shade of a certain color on a picture, when it has no relevance to the portrait in its broad and wide sense.

    These special interests are in positions of power way above any "national government" or ruling entity, merely by the influence of debt and fiscal policy. It's disgusting how profit-oriented these people are, even when it comes to human lives. We're nothing more than expendable statistics and numbers that can be factored into an equation that will, ultimately, give them the subjective impression of whether or not we're beneficial to their totalitarian frame of mind. Why is it we subject ourselves to this irrational thought process?

    I don't think society as we know it works, we'd have to shatter our perception of the fundamental laws of human interaction in order to understand something that transcends the egotistical nature of politicians and any entity in any position of power.
  11. Corporations and politicians

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