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who rolls game blunts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rpg, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. i'm about to roll my first game blunt soon. i've never rolled one, but i've seen my friends roll them hundreds of times. any tips? i know basically what to do: wet it, unwrap the leaf, slice the blunt, gut it, refill and rewrap. i dunno how well i can reroll the inner wrap though...i can't roll very good joints and it seems kinda similar.

    so any tips? im about to go pick up a gram of mids so i figured i would post this now and check it when i get back haha. hopefully i can roll this thing pretty easily
  2. No advice here 'cuz I usually let my friends roll it. But enjoy it dude, they're my favorite.

    Free bump.
  3. its really not that hard its easier then rolling a joint lol rolling blunts are easy rolling j's are hard imo theres plenty of tutorials just look for a dutch rolling guide and its basicly the same thing. and game blunts are great i either use a grape dutch or a green game usually games burn longest imo

  4. games all i use.
    dont worry bout messing it up, just roll it up, and if you get a little hole or its not very tight, dont worry. use the outer leaf wrap to finish it off and fix any holes and tighten it.
  5. I just rolled a Green Game not 5 minutes ago. It's easy, just take your time and make sure you cover all the fundementals of rolling (look on youtube for Dutch rolling vids, like someone else said, it's the same thing.)

    Good luck :smoke:
  6. i just smoked my first green game today. it was a little harder to roll, im used to bigger blunts like dutchmasters, but if you are careful with the tuck before the roll, its no problem. just make sure the outer leaf is moist so you can roll it tight, or else it will run when you burn it.
  7. blunts are usually easier than joints
  8. the green ones smell and taste like chocolate.
  9. game blunts are like half an inch bigger than dutches..
  10. games are bigger then dutches lol

  11. i was beginning to think i was the only one that noticed that :smoke:
  12. wait, you've never rolled a blunt before? Any kind?
  13. If it looks shitty at first, once you put the outer leaf thing on it it looks great.
  14. Games are probably the best blunt to start with. Nice and big and always good and fresh.

    I know using honey can be bad, burnt sugar is bad for your lungs...but honestly if you rub just a LITTLE bit of it on there to roll up your first blunt it will make it easier because the weed will stick to it and not be all over the place while your trying to roll it. Not to mention it will burn slower.

    Post a pic of the finished thing.
  15. so i ended up smokin the bud i just bought somewhere else instead of bringing it home to roll haha. but im doing it soon i swear.

    i appreciate the tips. im actually pretty knowledgable about blunt rolling in general(e.g. games are always fresh cause they come in foil, etc.) just cause my friends and i smoke a blunt a day usually. but enough of them roll that i never really have needed to. but i think i should finally learn to do it on my own hah

    also oddskeleton, is it that hard to believe that i've never rolled a blunt before?
  16. If you want to do it the easy way don't even take the green leaf off the inner leaf
    Slice it down the mid, gut it, lick it all up, and roll like its just 1 paper

    but thats the boring and bad way lol

    have fun!

    o yeah don't forget to cut off the cancer paper of course...
  17. the gas station by me sells game cigarillos in a 2 pack
  18. I like rolling Games way more than rolling Dutches because you never know what you're going to get in a Dutch. Sometimes the finesse will be all fucked up; ripped in a few spots, or even wrapped with two separate pieces. sometimes they crack right when you take off the outer leaf. With Games, i've never unwrapped a bad one. They are always fucking perfect! They make your job easier by being efficient as possible in their cigar making.
  19. you just dont get fresh dutches..there better than games
  20. Green games all day baby. Don't worry about the inner wrap, the leaf is what makes the blunt nice and tight and look good.

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