Who remembers there first time?

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  1. my first time i tried weed was in my boyfriends garage. me, my boyfriend, and our buddies mike and jackie got a dime from mikes work and we smoked it out of a corn cob pipe. we were young and not old enough to even get friends to go to a porn shop to get us a good pipe. my boyfriend and mike got high but jackie and i didnt seem to feel anything. we were kinda tired.

    did u get high your first time you tried it? or did it take one or two more tries?
  2. first time i was the highest ive even been. kinda glad i can say that
  3. the first time i smoked me and 2 other friends (not their firsts) smoke 2 bowls.
    I didnt feel anything for like 15 minuets then one of my friends sneezed and i kid you not i laughed for 20 fucking mineuts.

    After that i was so fuckin high! the greatest thing i remember from that night was just glancing my eyesite over his book shelf and it felt like every single piece of info in each of those books entered my brain. Like i read them all !it was intense
  4. i don't think first time smoking is a big deal. more like first time getting high and I will never forget it. I didn't get high til 2hrs after I smoked.
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    yeah i do that all the time.............................honestly.......................................
  6. my first time was at a party, i smoked way too much for my first time (2 blunts to myself)
    I thought i had a heart attack and died, and came back as a ghost to wonder the streets forever. I layed in sum grass on the side of the road (where everyone could see me lol but i didnt give a FUCK) got up and tried to walk home. LMAO at how dumb i was, noone dies from weed idiot lol was thinking, fuck why i had to be the first?
  7. ohhh i do,

    it was sooo wicked,

    it was me and 2 other friends,

    we were just chillin on top of a hill that we rigged up with chairs, benches and a firepit,

    and a friend of mine was like....lets smoke some weed,
    and i was like ya sure, my other friend(who passed away 2 years ago, which makes this my fondest memory) was like yea sure

    and for my first time smoking, we were smoking northern lights(which is what i started smoking right away, for about a year...till the local dealer could not get it anymore),

    be blazed like a 1/8th in a hour(mind you it was my first time ever smoking)
    i got soo fucking blazed, it was dandy,

    first time i ever blazed
  8. Mine was actually St. Patrick's day this past year. Before I was anti-weed, but didn't care when my friends smoked weed. St. Patricks day, played a few round of beer bong and in the end got really drunk. My friends went to get more beer while i lied on their couch. Once they came back with more beer, they also got some weed. I wasn't pressured but i was really drunk and was like "hey, i want to smoke some." So i took a few hits from their bong. Best decision of my life.
  9. I started selling before smoking and i just got curious. Everyone told me i wasnt going to get high the first time, but i think that its just a rumor because i got fucking blitzed. It was some good sativia weed and i smoked out of a pipe i hand carved and drilled out and then proceeded to dance to the song "right round" for about an hour and a half. Ahhhmazing
  10. yeah i was with one of my friends and his older sexy sister had some friends over and we got high with them..... i was retardly high... i was soo cheesed, and i couldnt stop laughing just like i was when i first tried salvia, but thats another story.. mabey the weed you first smoked was some shwag bunk weed
  11. haha same here man.

    my first time was the best because i went into it not knowing what to expect and the high just crept up on me. i remember it was 2 of my buddies and we went back into these woods just chilled and smoked out of this homeade bong lol.
  12. my first time was at my friends house, her parents were out of town. it didnt really work, i just felt burnt out.

    the second time though was completely AMAZING. wowww.
  13. 1st time i smokes, i spelled words correctly. "THERE 1st time" gtfo asshole hahhaa
  14. my first time actually smoking was spots on a mates oven element and then a bucket bong but i didnt feel anything. second time was using a pipe and i easily outsmoked my mates and felt nothing. thrid time off a soda can and my legs felt a bit tingly but that was it. forth time..let me tell you that was the higest iv eva been :) was given half a jay wile i was sitting in my car, smoked it and then drove to a party, was soooo stoned i kept forgetting i was driving and couldnt even feel my legs or feet on the pedals or my hand on the gear stick. i decided i couldnt handle it and went home haha and ive never been thaat high again..
  15. I never count my real "first time" as I didnt get high and it was just me alone in my room.
    My real first time was smoking a joint at Camden locks. No body cared we were blazin, fucking love canden! And we wer stubling around for three hours straight buying shit we didnt need.
    Good times : )

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