Who remembers the original stealth monolith?

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  1. I did not build this nor have I built this. I found this in some archives and figured it'd be a great place to start rehashing/discussing it. I have no measurements but the surrounding environment should give a relative scale to it.

    So, who remembers the original stealth monolith? Are there things that didn't go well or could be improved? If I recall, there was a squirrel cage fan in the electrics area (top left) that pulled air from outside to the mums -> flowering chamber -> hood -> electrics / carbon filter -> out.

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  2. That's stellar, the specs and actual details would b awesome to have, especially fan size.
  3. Fan was 150 or 200 cfm... you can see it in the last pic (doesn't have filter on it there tho).
  4. I could probally whip up a design for this if you need blue prints to make it? Shouldn't be too hard to design. It will be easy to come up with the size as there is an old CRT monitor in that pic there that can be used to scale.

    Not a bad looking cabinet, I am thinking that a 200 cfm fan would be a little over kill but once you add a Carbon Filter to it, and a fan controller would be a nice addition to the box there.

    Thinking for the medium a nice bubbleponics system would do well in there. Not really enough room to pull off Aero, but could also get a small drip system in there. Also in place of the resevoir that is in the pic could use folgers coffee plastic containers.. Then again soil would do well too lol.

    Please let me know if you want me to whip up designs for this for you.
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    @greatkitsune - what do you use for design? I have experience in 3d software but not sketchup specifically, and I'm finding it a really difficult learning curve.

    Needless to say, I'm actually working in sketchup right now to try to get inner/outer dimensions & a parts list put together. I'd hope to put it on 3" castors for mobility, and have it the same total height as a workbench @ 35 3/4" tall. That would make the full outer dimensions of:
    47 1/4" (L) x 23 1/4" (D) x 33 1/4" (H). Still working through inner dimensions and lighting requirements.

    Carbon filter and fan controller are key, since killing the smell as we all know is incredibly important. I've had some really great success with CFL's and a convertable MH, SCROG'd in a bar fridge (pic attached), but at that time I was lucky enough to be on a 10th floor apt with direct access to the ventilation going outside (every bathroom had its own vent directly out).

    Back to this though.. Bubbleponics/SWC would definitely be used for 1-2 plants in the veg/flower stage, soil is for vegetables outdoors as far as I'm concerned ;), but the bonsai mums would be in soil to limit overgrowth and maintain over long timeframes.

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  6. This is way awesome, if anyone whips up any designs I'd love them :) I really like the multiple chambers in the same stealth cab.
  7. this was not the original stealth monolith

    I remember a guy that had a photography lab/store, next to an ultimately square guy , a cop or something, in need of a stealth cabinet.
    In his store there where monollith alike objects to create a sort of artistic filling of space.
    His aim was to create a monolith grow cabinet identical to those square black blocks already present in his store..
    Also I remember him having a cordless off switch to would even kill the operating fans, in order to make no noise at all when needed.

    This picture above- I have never ever seen ,but a MOnolith article I certainly did read.
    Dig back like 10 years in time, when a certain site called Overgrow still existed.
  8. Thanks for stopping by Indic, the monolith pictured is one of the many many 'NGB' style cabinets (great search string for google for those interested). I've also found a VERY good 'journal' over at ICMAG too, seems that's where a lot of the OG articles were archived and/or reborn. I've been digging...and spending a ton of time in Sketchup building out the dimensions (in my case, outer height of 35 3/4" to match a workbench in the space) and materials list.
  9. Now that I've started my grow *Just switched one plant to flower today :cool: * I'm revisiting this thread and love it even more lol. I am kind of modeling my air flow off of this thing, Thanks for the NGB search string suggestion, I'll check that out :)
  10. anybody ever come up with blueprints for this bad boy?
    its a great layout, im just wondering how loud that fan would be...
    and what exactly is it made out of?

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