who rarely posts on the city when they're blazed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Shamrock0820, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. i dunno i just never seem to have the motivation to post and read when high. i go on sober 99% of the time. its perfect for when your bored
  2. I post more when I blaze.
  3. same here, im always rolling on the floor laughing or taking shots or spacing out like crazy haha, can never get on the comp
  4. I never post when im high hell im never on tha net when im high
  5. true, when im stoned i dont even think about goin on the city, im too busy trin to figure out how to work the microwave, then giving up and eating a cold burrito, even if i do go on the computer its just to get at my music, readin and typing would be way to much work
  6. its not that shits hard to do for me while blazed its just i dont want to be typin while high it'll kill it
  7. No i never post while blazed
  8. I'm high and here right now. I'm normally on in the night and the night is my blazing time.
  9. Occasionally I would... but I make absolutely no fuckin' sense so I try to avoid it.
  10. i just chillax. it's too hard to concentrate
  11. I've only been on this site once when I was high before and it was at my friends house, and I was only on for about 5 minutes, than the bastard kciked me off, lol.....
  12. Shut the fuck up! :p

    Sup brother!
  13. Hahaha sup cuz :wave:
  14. yea i dont really like the computer when i'm high

    ocasionally i'll post high, but most of the time i'm sober.
  15. Yea, Im not gonna waste time on a website (no offence) if I have a sweet movie craving, tonight im going for some sopranos, gotta blaze soon already.
  16. depends.

    If I'm at work and it's slow and boring... I'm gonna toke and post, but at home I'm usually watching a movie, listening to tunes, etc.
  17. It depends a lot on how stoned I am. If Im in chilling for the night I'll probally post.
  18. Ima graphic artist, its impossible for me not to be high when im on the computer. it just happens. I may stare at the screen blankly for 5 minutes, but then somehow i get done what needs to get done.

    I usually type more responses when Im high than when Im not, but I usually erase them and decide not to post it because its really not that important.

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