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Who Prefers Enjoying the Herb While Socializing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokeTheToke, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. You got it! I find myself much more ALIVE when I go out in public while blazed. It's fun and REALLY intriguing.

    What about you guys?
  2. i like being social sometimes but i deff like zonin out to music.
    just closin ur eyes and feeling like ur on the moon
  3. Yea, I like going out blazed. Makes everything better ;)
  4. Damn that sig is nice. Yeah herb makes convos funnier with more meaning.
  5. I like to smoke by myself more often rather than be around a bunch of people, it's more relaxing.
  6. If the people are kool then yea... if not its just kinda akward... like going to school high and seeing so many retards here you just dont feel like talking to them... so socializling is kool when the people are kool and can relate to stuff and not be all immature like a lot of people in there 20's are here where i live...and its the drugs that cause them to be like that...but :smoking: + :smoking:< stoner friends is really kool too always a laugh when socializing with im high from smoking out of a custom made pear (fruit) pipe.
  7. i think you might find your just naturally like that man haha. its pretty much the same for me when im sober... i enjoy my social moments and i like my chill moments with me and maybe a one or two friends. :smoke:
  8. I love both! 90% of the time i am by myself but i am not going to lie it is awesome to hangout with some really chill people and smoke a bowl! Its awesome, but i have some friends who think its funny as hell to fuck with me while i am high and that just pisses me off so much. I guess i just love chilling in someones car smoking a bowl or a blunt and just relaxing, put on some chill music, have a deep conversation, or just joke around.
  9. i like socializing but not going into large crowds
  10. yea dude i know the feeling... the only thing that really makes me mad is when non-smokers bein dicks try to freak me out and its total buzzkill, yeah i like tokin up by myself and chillin once in awhile but goin to school high is the best!
  11. I do both, but prefer to smoke with someone else. It gets boring smoking alone after a while.
  12. i totally feel that. just moved and i dont know anybody up here haha.

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