Who posted about the earth becoming awear of itself?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nemesis Star, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. First post here, but ive been lurking around for ages, and i think ill be posting alot.

    What brought me to posting was a post i saw earlyer today (guess it was yesterday) someone posted that when they were stoned, they started thinking about the earth becomming awear of itself. Ive been thinking about his too, and i want to find who posted it. It blew my mind that someone else would share this thought...
  2. I must have missed that post...I don't remember it, and it wasn't me....

    But welcome to the city anyway!!
  3. i had a dream i tried to talk to mother earth last night, she just sat and cried.... she fuckin cried

    can someone save us from our pain? ...

    she replied,

    save yourself!

    so let's learn to be free,
    let's quit our jobs,
    find some meaning,
    and poor out into the streets
    and yell and scream
    cuz without love this life doesn't mean a thing
    i say fuck this routine!

    hehe... ok back to my fullfilling and rewarding job analyzing system stats now


    save me jeebus!
  4. there really is a lot of stuff there to read through and it doesn't flow well for an easy read. But if we're talking about brain waves and stuff, I used to have this program back when I had my 66MHz computer that would flash the screen. You could choose the color of the flash, a pattern for the backgroud, and the frequency which was those frequencies from that page that the brain operates in. Once a friend and I started it and then sat there in the dark and stared for a half hour and it seemed like 2 minutes. We looked stoned after that, too even tho we had taken no drugs. Now that I know what it's like to be stoned, I felt stoned then, too. Too bad that program didn't work on anything faster than my 66MHz. Mebbe I should write one, but I'd have to learn lots of stuff I don't know yet.
  5. i think i said something about it... i remember touching the topic briefly with ,,, told... was it you? yeah... i think it was you.
  6. What if the earth becomes aware and decides to "shake the fleas off"?

  7. or the less likely event where the fleas of another planet get shaken of their planet and end up migrating on mass to our planet.

    ya follow?
    i'm stooooned :)
  8. Hey Digit, did you hear anything last week about a meteorite impact in russia/siberia? I heard there was a hit that took out ~40 sq miles of trees. I saw something about it bt now i can't find it.
  9. didnt hear a word....
    cover up? media black out? was it really a meteorite? ;p
    tell me i u find it. u got me curious. i've had my head on other issues recently. ;)aight;)
  10. Mother Gaia.

    Some would say the Earth has always been aware...
  11. yeah, whos to say that we are fleas.
    just like each nerve cell in our bodies do not actually do much themselves, perhaps we are to them llike the earth is to us.

    ... hmmm. so if that were true, we wouldnt be the disease/parasite... we are the part of the earth that is infected with teh disease... that disease is that which makes us dump thousands of gallons of oil into the seas every month, makes us hunt other vital components of the earth (like Tigers, rare Birds of Prey, Whales and Elephants), makes us spread destructive weapons to everyone with a grudge to further destroy the world, makes us spray tonnes and tonnes of harmful substances up into the air, makes us interupt and attempt to control/direct teh evolution of the worlds other vital components (GM crops etc), makes us burn hundreds of thousands of tonnes of the worlds natural "resources" for the purpose of...? oh, thats right, its cheaper and easier to exploit and allows international preasure/controls... the disease we have, the disease the world has as we are part of teh world is.... Capitalism. :p yas shoulda known that was comin from me. ;)
  12. Capitalism is not the disease only the symtom.

    The malady itself is greed.

    And it has to get worse before it gets better.

    The human race will have to face its mortality as a species before we begin to alter our thinking and be more holistic in our existance.


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